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10/08/18 12:30 PMWhat is the rule on using 3d printed parts in the battery buggy. Based on General Rule #1, actions and items (e.g., tools, notes, resources, supplies, electronics, etc.) are permitted, unless they are explicitly excluded in the rules, are unsafe, or violate the spirit of the problem; thus, 3D parts are permitted.
02/06/18 07:46 AMIs there a medical form required for students this year to compete?San Diego Regional will not be asking/collecting Medical Release form.
01/30/18 11:57 PMCan families bring a BBQ to grill for lunch during the competition?Cooking and any open flames are prohibited due to safety regulations.
01/29/18 09:07 AMSan Diego Regional Clarification - Release FormsRelease Forms are required for all attendees: participants, non-participating students, chaperones, parents, coaches, volunteers, and guests of the school, etc.
01/28/18 09:50 PMSan Diego Regional Clarification - Required and Allowed Items ListSan Diego Regional will not be providing Required and Allowed Items List. Please see Event Rules for guidance.
01/28/18 09:40 PMSan Diego Regional Clarification - Impound InstructionsSan Diego Regional will not be providing Impound Instructions. Please see Event Rules for guidance.
01/26/18 08:42 PMSan Diego Regional ClarificationIf you have students for which it may be difficult for them to reach a table-top or desk on which their device will be tested, your school must bring stool(s) from which the student(s) will be able to safely and comfortably operate their device. The stool(s) must be dropped off at the Head Coach check-in area by 7:30am. The stools will be made available for use by students from all schools. You will be able to pick up your stool(s) at the end of the day.
01/23/18 01:17 PMNational: Where is the best website to obtain information and materials on how to make devices for competition?Researching information is part of the competition and is the responsibility of the contestants. Some information available from Science Olympiad on the internet can be located on the page for that event. To access event pages, on National SO website go to the Menu, then choose either Division B or Division C Events. Event links to National SO website also found on SD Regional SO homepage.
01/23/18 01:14 PMNational: Why aren't the schedules from Nationals, State and Regionals all the same? It is very difficult to reorganize the teams at every level of competition because of time conflicts with the studied events. Why aren't all the competitions required to be consistent? There are 500 different tournaments with 500 different sets of unique limitations. The national schedule is posted in September. You might ask your local tournament director but keep in mind that they must build their schedules around limitations such as availability of space, event supervisors, equipment, etc.
01/16/18 11:19 PMIf a 9th grader decides to take part in one event of Div B, does that forbid him/her in taking part in any of their own Div C events/competition?Any student can compete at only one Division level (either Division B or C, not both) at a single school. Please see for Team Composition policies.
12/12/17 10:30 PMCan more than one science olympiad subject be contained in a single binder, or should each event have it's own separate binder? for example: Solar System and Rocks & Minerals: can they be in one binder or do they each need separate ones?For events that state “3-ring binder containing information in any form in any source,” teams are permitted to bring in one single binder for multiple events. Note, students may not use more than what’s allowed per event.
12/08/17 08:44 PMre: new scoring policy- if one of our teams is not a complete team- 4 events that don't have a participant in it, does that mean , we will get penalized N+1 x 4 points added to the total points for that team ?Aligning with National and State policy on team scoring, No Compete = N+1 points.
10/18/17 04:52 PMNational: May a 9th grader compete in both the B Division and C Division?No, you must choose one or the other at a tournament.  You may not be on two rosters at the same tournament. Regardless of the 2 tournament dates, San Diego Regional Tournament is considered one tournament.
10/18/17 04:18 PMNational: What is the policy of using resources during competition? Allowed resources are different for each event. Please read each Event Rule and the General Rules in the Rules Manual for information on using resources.
10/18/17 04:12 PMNational: Can we laminate cheat sheets? See General Rule #1.
10/12/17 01:49 PMCan a school send 5 teams of 10 students each? Or should all allowed 15 slots in a team be filled before the next team is formed? Thank you. A school may register 5 teams of 10 students per team. The minimum number of students on a team is one and the maximum number of students on a team is 15.