Troy Athens High School and Saline High School are partnering to co-host the Saline Troy Athens High School Invitational.    This year it will be on November 19, 2022 at Saline High School.   Saline High School 1300 Campus Pkwy Saline, MI 48176. 

We hope to see you there! 

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    November 16 2022: several rooms changed.  See Rev 4 of the maps file.

    DD is now in C307

    IAT is now in C229

    Codebusters in C235

    Brighton in C241

    Novi in C201

    IA West in C209

    Det Bld C221

    WIFI in C219

    Prayer/Meditation in C222

    Also-  All teams doing flight will have access to a 3' x 6' table for set up.  We will have one perhaps two in there for teams to use.

    November 7, 2022:  Registration is now closed.  We are at 35 teams.  Teams are in four groups.  Study events will run 4 out of 6 blocks with two blocks running with no teams.  All are following national event conflict blocks.  Self Scheduled events are available all day.

    1.   Self Schedule is open 11/7 6Pm to 11/16.  If you have trouble contact us.

    2.    Unfortunately, there will be no lunch/food service this year due to a labor shortage.   So,  you may bring your own food or order for delivery.

    Delivery should be to:  1300 Campus Parkway,  Door #5  Auditorium. You MUST meet your deliver outside as Deliveries are not allowed into the school.

    We suggest: 

    Jets Pizza (734)-429-9700  ( Michigan Ave,  West of SHS)

    Mancino's (734) 944-2838  (Michigan Ave, West of SHS next to Emagine)

    Subway-  Inside Walmart

    Jimmy Johns-  Located on State Street.  Note you might want to call them ahead

    Mi Zarape-  (734) 470-6638  Michigan Ave East of SHS

    Oscars-  (734) 429-7700  Next to Walmart (End of Campus Pkwy, East of SHS)


    3.  Event Supervisors are assigned and all events are covered.  If you have volunteered and have not heard from us, please reach out so we can make sure there are no glitches.  Please bring enough materials for 35 teams as printing at SHS will be severely limited on 11/19.

    4.   Please plan to drop off students at Door 5.  Door 6 is a swim meet and it will be a bit of a walk if you enter there.  Parking on door 5 side should be sufficient, bus drivers are welcome to relax in the media center.  

    5.  The schedule (Approx)

    7:00AM-9AM  Team and ES Check in.

    8AM-9AM  Impound

    9AM- 9:50AM,  10-1:50, 11:11:50  Morning blocks

    11:50-12:30  Lunch

    12:30-1:20,  1:30-2:20,  2:30-3:20  Afternoon blocks.

    Grading due by 4PM.

    Awards in Auditorium at 5PM.   This year we are excited that we will have Saline and Troy BOE members as well as community members attending to present awards.

    Stay tuned to Elaine's emails if you are an ES.  Any questions, please reach out!

    Oct 5/2022:  As of today we are at 31 teams!   The tournament is set to run on November 19th with the schedule to be published shortly.

    Fees should be paid via Revtrak:  (pending it being set up,  there should be a line item to pay tournament fees, if not check in a few days)

    or- you can mail a check to 1300 Campus Pkwy, Attention Science Olympiad.  Please email us if you pay by check so we can look for it.

    We are excited to see you!

    Aug 1 2022:  Welcome to the 2022 edition of the Hawk and Hornet Invitational.

    The Tournament will be held at Saline High School,  1300 Campus Pkwy Saline MI 48176.

    The date is November 19, 2022.

    1.  We are capping the tournament at 48 teams.  This year will be Division C only.  We hope to add Division B in the future.

    2.  The fee is $85 per team.

    3.  Each team must run an event.   A sign up will come out later.

    4.  You may bring your own food -or- Eat our delicious food  -or- buy take out (from a place that donates to us preferably).

    Any questions?  Contact Nath or Erich ---->  or