Troy Athens High School and Saline High School are partnering to co-host the Saline Troy Athens High School Invitational.  This year it will be on November 20, 2021 at Saline High School.   Saline High School 1300 Campus Pkwy Saline, MI 48176.   We are excited to see you

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    Latest announcements:

    Some more updates:

    1. We will have one custodian on the tournament day and pretty short staff. So this means, you need to clean your rooms and return all the furniture back to where it was. You must make sure that objects, desks and teacher items in the rooms are not disturbed, used or damaged. There is a lot of emotion about using people's rooms and I want to respect the gift we have been given. I suggest you HAVE A ROOM MONITOR to make sure your room is kept in good shape.

    2. Drop off is at Door 5 (East side of building, Auditorium Entrance). It is a bus loop. It is across the street from the Harvest Elm" sign. We might put a sign out there if we find one. Cars can come in the loop then park in the lot adjacent to the auditorium after drop off. You can park your car there while unloading. Make sure you give enough space for buses to get around you though. Don't trip on the giant crack in the sidewalk. The other doors will be locked and if they are not, then you will be in the office or at the pool. The office to the Aud is not an obvious journey. The pool to Aud is obvious, but you need binoculars to see the other end. We might have NHS students at those doors if I remember to send them.

    3. There will be a line for Raptor. There will be a station marked at the Aud entrance. I will ask the person running it to allow build event folks and impound folks to cut as they need the set up time. Please let your volunteers know that we'll be doing that.

    4. Masks are required. We also put 80 bottles of Hand sanitizer around the school. See below on the latest Covid precautions.

    5. NHS folks will take you to your room (s). 

    6. We will use a group-me message to contact coaches to send volunteers to places we are short staffed. With the flu laying waste to UofM, I suspect we could have some late absences- so be prepared that some might run events. -

    7. I ask that we make sure to treat everyone with respect. Students, Volunteers, coaches etc. So far I am really impressed with all of you. It's been a lot of fun talking to all of you.

    8. Let me know how many volunteers you want if you need some.

    So far I see possible needs of:: AP-1, Astro 2, Bridges 1, Cell Bio 1, Detector Build 2, DD 2, DP (Possibly ill, so might need to replace with a proctor), ECHEM 1, For 2, GV 1, PP 2 (Canton can use own volunteers), Rocks- Grosse Pointe set, Trajectory 2, WIFI 2. SS- Canton to send 2.

    More than likely, we'll send some to rooms only to have the ES say they are set. So please be patient with that.

    9 Here is my favorite part. Here is the Volunteer training the SO has online.  It's interesting and I will say I do very strongly agree with the student safety pieces. So please take a look at it.

    10. Hospitality- There is a bit of emotion on this topic. We are going to have a limited choice of foods in there due to concerns of sharing food service.

    11. The gyms are going to be set with: GV and Trajectory on the right side of the main gym when entering. There will be a partition and one has to walk to the other side of the partition for PPP. We won't be doing spectators this year per the guidelines we were given. A team rep can watch their team.

    12. Wright Stuff is in the Aux Gym. The door will be locked and opened between flights. Knock to get let in. The upstairs will be closed to prevent air drafts.

    13. Lunch will be a full Cafeteria Service. The caveat, the main employees have covid and are in quarantine this week. So, we will have substitute food people. Be patient with that. No idea what the menu is yet, they have not told me yet.

    We also have local places that deliver: Mancinos, Jets, Dominos, Hungry Howies are close. Subway, and Little Ceasars are within 2 miles. There is also Sushi at Biwako if you are in the need of that. If you wish to go catch a movie, Emagine is a mile away. Mi Zarrape is a nice mexican place for take out and they donate to us so go there.

    14. Binder and cheat sheet rules. You might note that there is a Covid rule where students can have their own document set. We are going to allow this in person also. Hopefully this is not a big issue, but sorry for the late add on that as I realize it might put some teams into an issue if they have only one set printed. We have asked the national office to clarify this.

    15. There are parts of the school that we won't be using. The first floor is closed. There will be a sign. The shops, the pool. music rooms and Culinary Arts sections are also closed. We ask students stay in the building and minimize their travel in the building.

    16. We are hoping to have a 3v3 basketball tournament for all the schools at 4PM. This is predicated if the custodian is still my friend and lowers the hoops. He will still be my friend if we don't make a mess for him to chase around.

    17. Wright Stuff folks may practice 8-9AM. They may not practice again until they have competed. Then they can use the free time in the gym AFTER they compete if they wish. This will be monitored so please don't try to do extra practices before your event time slot. We are only doing this because we feel like gym time is at a premium and we felt some of you might like that. The WS sup will write down schools that practice so we can make sure no one sneaks a practice in. I'm sure no one will do this.

    18. Coaches should be on group me. Please get on that, we'll communicate updates via this during the day. We will also deploy your volunteers doing that.

    19. Awards will be at 5PM. Look for your assigned section. Give me a rough idea of how many people you will need seats for so we can block them off. If need be we'll open the upper level for the parent over flow. Do respect the sections, we are distancing you per the agreement we made. Otherwise, awards might have been in the gym with a megaphone. (bad).

    20. We will be having some folks observing. Mary from Haslett will watch how we run builds for her tournament (12 per hour is ambitious). I asked the state director to come if he'd like. We will also have two media folks invited. They are being told photos only with permission from the person being photographed.

    COVID Items:

    1. Masks at all times except when eating/ drinking. 

    2. Hand sanitize upon entry and upon leaving a room

    3. Eat with your school, in room is ok (unless it is an allergy room, then no). CLEAN UP THE FOOD MESS because literally I will have to.

    4. Please wash hands after using restrooms. (that should be a non-covid rule, but sigh....)

    5. Any event using shared items, please try to have wipes to wipe down items.

    6. Coaches must certify that all their participants are not ill. Don't worry about being absent as a volunteer if ill. We have extra for this reason.

    7. Team foods are ok.

    8. We limited spectators per National Guidelines.

    9. We will have a spare room in case anyone feels ill. I am working on getting a nurse for the day.

    10. For awards and interactions we are asked not to Shake hands. We'll do elbow bumps. Medals will be handed out, I ask the folks handing them out to avoid touch and hand the medals to the awardees.

    11. Post tournament. 2 weeks after, if anyone tests positive for Covid from your group please inform us as we'll do a contact trace for them. (National Guidelines). With this in mind, keep your travels and interactions at as minimal as possible.

    To be honest, lets try to have fun. Covid has ruined a lot and hurt a lot of people. With responsible behavior and positive interactions we can make this a safe fun day for all of our students. 

    Travel safely! Excited to meet all of you. AND EXCITED FOR OUR FIRST IN PERSON in almost two years.

    Nath and Erich.

    Upcoming Dates

    Oct 20 Registration Deadline

    Oct 31 Fees Due  You can pay either by mailing a check to:

    Saline Science Olympiad c/o Nath Akella,   

    Saline High School

    1300 Campus Pkwy

    Saline MI  48176


    online using:

    November 8 Schedule Announced

    November 12 Tests and Keys Due


    10/7/21:   A Payment link is coming soon.  For now,  checks can be sent to Saline High School Science Olympiad,  1300 Campus Pkwy Saline MI 48176  Attn:  Nath Akella.  The Fee is $85 per team.

    10/7/21:  We are excited to announce that we will have lunch service provided by our amazing Food Service team at Saline.  You may also bring your own food, but please be mindful of allergy rooms.

    10/7/21:  A Hospitality room has been set up for our bus drivers, coaches and supervisors.

    Gym dimensions coming soon!   Gravity vehicle, Ping Pong Parachute,  Trajectory and Wright Stuff will be in two gyms.