Troy Athens High School and Saline High School are partnering to co-host the Saline Troy Athens High School Invitational.    This year it will be on November 11th at Troy Athens High School,  4333 John R st,  Troy Michigan.   Can't wait to see you there!

    Register your school

    Oct 15, 20203:  Self Schedule opens on Oct 22 at 6PM.  The Tournament is full, but reach out if interested in attending as we can add you to the waiting list.

    October 1, 2023:

    We are near capacity.   Fees are due 10/30.  Self Schedule will open AFTER 10/15 once we close registration on 10/13.

    We are having a coaches new team clinic on Thursday November 9th via google meets.  Please sign up when the email comes out.

    We'll do another clinic during the morning events in the media center.

    All events will be run to Regional Level rules, except Forestry which will use the National list.

    Aug 1 2023:  Welcome to the 2023 edition of the Hawk and Hornet Invitational.

    The Tournament will be held at Troy Athens High School,  4333 John R St.  Troy, MI 

    The date is November 11, 2023.

    1.  We are capping the tournament at 48 teams.  This year will be Division C only.  We hope to add Division B in the future.

    2.  The fee is $85 per team.

    3.  Each team must run an event.   A sign up will come out later.

    4.  You may bring your own food -or- Eat our delicious food  -or- buy take out (from a place that donates to us preferably).

    Any questions?  Contact Nath or Erich ---->  or