Science Olympiad

Rhode Island State Tournament

April 15, 2021

Science Olympiad Photos  Teams are encouraged to submit photos, some of which may be shared during the awards ceremony  Some possibilities include a team photo, Team Zoom pose/formation, Coach picture and appreciation note, a Favorite Science Olympiad memory (in photo form), Binder/notesheet selfie, other informal pictures of Science Olympiad team members.

Please note that all submissions will be compiled and may be shared at the Awards Ceremony on Saturday, April 17.

Email your submissions to

Note: For your photos to be considered, please title your submission file: SchoolName_City, (e.g.,  Hogwarts_HopeValley.jpeg.

2021 Rhode Island Science Olympiad Tournament Awards Ceremony.

Event medals and team trophies will be presented in a webinar on Saturday, April 17, at 4:00 PM.


Viewers register in advance for this webinar:



Thanks to the Southern California Science Olympiad for the template for these notes.