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Last Updated 02/22/2021

Scilymiad owns and operates the websites and its extensions, and its extensions and These mentioned websites are collectively known as the “Site.” Visitors and users of the Site are referred to individually as “User” and collectively as “Users.”

This Cookie Policy explains the use of cookies when you browse, access, register and use Site.

What is a Cookie?

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What Information is Collected and How are Cookies Used??

Scilympiad uses ASP.NET technology which relies on a cookie to establish a unique session for each user. The cookie does not contain personal information; it is a software generated serial number to enable page navigation and continuity of page-to-page communication.

Cookie Retention

It is a non-persistent cookie or session which starts when the User navigates webpages and expires once the User closes the browser or logs off or the session times out.

Your Settings

Without cookies, your access to Site will be limited with no access to critical functions. For cookie settings, refer to your internet browsers for instructions on how to block cookies.


We reserve the right to change, modify, add or remove portions of this Cookie Policy at any time and at our discretion. Your notification of changes is indicated by the last updated date on the Cookie Policy.

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