Welcome to the Eighth Penn Invitational

Science Olympiad at the University of Pennsylvania
(SOUP) is a student-run organization at Penn that organizes one of the most competitive college-sponsored Science Olympiad invitational tournaments in the country and mentors local middle school teams with the goal of spurring interest in STEM in students who might otherwise lack the opportunity.


Upcoming Dates

  • February 17th- Tournament Date! 


We have just sent out our SOUP 2024 Information Document

Coaches: Please read through the email and document for more detailed information about the tournament.



When will registration open?
Registration is now closed for the 2024 invitational.

What is the registration fee?
The registration fee for this year is $85 per team. Philadelphia school district schools have their registration fees waived.

What will the tournament format be?
This year's tournament will be in-person, at the University of Pennsylvania's campus! 

Where can I find the event schedule?
Please see the event schedule in the 2024 Information Document that coaches received. 

Will coaches be responsible for writing tests?
All tests will be written, reviewed, and proctored by Science Olympiad alumni and most are written by University of Pennsylvania students. 

Where can I find all of the necessary tournament information?
Please see the Tournament Info document on https://pennscienceolympiad.org/info/ for tournament format information.

When will the information document be released?
The information document will be released on January 31st, 2024 to coaches. 

Where can I find the forms that my students need to sign?
They are located in the Required Pre-Tournament Form. Please complete this form ASAP along with other information about your team, parking passes, and whether your team will stay for the awards ceremony/shipping addresses. 

When will the tournament end?
The tournament ends on February 17 at 4 pm ET. The awards ceremony will begin at 7 pm ET that same night, where trophies and medals will be handed out to the top 6 in each event, and top 6 schools overall.