Welcome to the Battle of the States hosted by Michigan Science Olympiad! This is a virtual and asynchronous tournament open to teams in Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Illinois.

This tournament will run select events across multiple weeks in January and February. Each event will be open for four weekdays so your team can choose the time that best works for you to either take the timed test or make the required submissions. The currently scheduled events are listed in the table below.

We will award medals to the top teams in each event, but the twist is, we will not be ranking teams overall - You will be competing for your state! After each event, the top three teams from each state will have their scores combined to see which state comes out on top.

Registration is only $5 for admission to all the events for your team. Feel free to participate in as many or as few events as your team would like, since we will not be ranking teams overall.

Additionally, feel free to join in the fun even if you miss the early events - we will leave registration open for the duration of the tournament.

Please reach out to us at battleofthestates.mso@gmail.com with questions.

Thank you to the following student organizations for helping make this tournament happen!

  • Spartan Science Olympiad Club
  • University of Michigan Science Olympiad
  • Hope College Science Olympiad
  • Science Olympiad at The Ohio State University
  • University of Chicago Science Olympiad

  Registration remains open for future weeks.  

Upcoming Events

WeekStart DateEnd DateB DivisionC Division
101/23/23, 6:30 PM ET01/26/23, 10:00 PM ETFast Facts, Wheeled VehicleFermi Questions
201/30/23, 6:30 PM ET02/02/23, 10:00 PM ETForestryForestry, Trajectory
302/06/23, 6:30 PM ET02/09/23, 10:00 PM ETRoller CoasterScrambler
402/13/23, 6:30 PM ET02/16/23, 10:00 PM ETRoad Scholar, Rocks and Minerals, Solar SystemRocks and Minerals, Cell Biology
502/20/23, 6:30 PM ET02/23/23, 10:00 PM ETAnatomy and PhysiologyAnatomy and Physiology, WiFi Lab


• Week 1 Coaches' Letter – 01/19/2023

• Week 2 Coaches' Letter – 01/26/2023

Week 3 Coaches' Letter – 02/02/2023

Building Event Guidelines

For each building event there will be a "test" available in Scilympiad, which will contain full instructions for the event, including any unknown values such as a target distance or target time. The student can start the test once you have prepared the list below.

  • You must have the following prepared before beginning your build event:
    • A coach to act as the judge
    • A second adult to film
    • The participating students
    • The National Checklist for your event, found at the following webpage: https://www.soinc.org/scoresheets
    • An arena set up with all necessary supplies (Track for Wheeled Vehicle/Scrambler, Launch area and targets for Trajectory, etc.)
    • Any measurement tools required to complete the checklist and record a score
    • Your device
    • Any practice and design logs required by the event rules
    • Safety equipment
  • Submissions must follow the following criteria:
    • The submission must be one continuous video. Submissions that have multiple parts will be tiered.
    • When filming, you need an adult to film, a coach to act as the judge, and the two participants.
    • The start of the video needs to have the judge go through the checklist that is downloaded off of the National site. Once done, move on to filming the teams' runs as specified in the rules.
    • Send a link to your video and all required practice or design logs to the e-mail address provided for the event with the subject line [Battle of the States, "Team Name" "Team Number", "Event Name"].
      • Example subject line: "Battle of the States, Test High School B999, Wheeled Vehicle". The event supervisor will contact coaches if any questions arise.


Champion State
Runner-Up State
Fast Facts B


OhioFull results
Wheeled Vehicle B

WisconsinOhioFull results
Fermi Questions CWisconsin

IllinoisFull results