Tournament and Scoring Management System

Per National... For Sanctioned Science Olympiad Tournaments

Science Olympiad

This system has been developed to support tournament and scoring management at State, Regional, Invitational and School levels. It's a modular and customizable system with various functionalities, including school and team registration, event signup, volunteer signup, communications, online test creation, online scoring, etc.

Tournaments can use the whole system as their own websites or only certain functions through individual URLs embedded in their existing websites.

This is a secure website with role-based access control. Each role has access to only functions/pages pertaining to that role.

New this season, participants and partners together can take tests online at configurable scheduled times, and results integrated directly into the scoring system.
These new features can be used in Mini SO, Satellite SO and even Traditional SO, eliminating printing and distribution cost and minimizing delay in the scoring process.

Complimentary to Science Olympiad programs

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Tournament Functionalities


  • Create/manage tournaments, state, regionals, invitationals
  • Rosters for schools, teams, coaches, event supervisors, etc.
  • Fee payment processing
  • Online test review, editing and grading
  • Volunteer management
  • Document management
  • Score counseling/audit
  • Communications - email blast
  • Online forms
  • Online appeals/disputes
  • Content management
  • Event supervisor management

Event Supervisor

  • Online test creation
  • Online scoring and grading
  • Digital scoresheets
  • Online classroom conversations
  • Team roster
  • Real-time appeal notification
  • Scoring status

Head Coach

  • Online school/team registration
  • Student/team scheduling
  • Online fee payment
  • Event timeblock signup
  • Team management
  • Online forms
  • Online appeals/disputes
  • Online release form management


  • Take tests online with chat feature
  • Partners can take the same tests together
  • All configured by assigned events
  • Tests automatically and manually graded
  • Test answers available at scheduled time

School-Level Functionalities Note: Online Test Taking is not available at school-level website yet.

Head Coach

  • Rosters for students, events, teams, coaches, parents, etc.
  • Rosters of coach/student self-reported absences
  • Student/Coach attendance monitoring
  • Event/team assignment
  • Fee payment processing
  • Practice schedule management
  • Volunteer management
  • Document management
  • Internal Competition Scoring management
  • Communications - email blast
  • Online forms
  • Content management


  • Team roster
  • Online attendance
  • Online scoring
  • Self-reported absences
  • Communications - email blast
  • Test/Document management
  • Practice schedule
  • Recommendations for students
  • Volunteer time recording/receipt


  • Event signup
  • Team rosters
  • Practice schedule
  • Self-reported absences
  • Coach roster
  • Coach document download

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Create volunteer events to recruit volunteers
  • Setup reminders
  • Generate volunteer roster to Excel
  • Track volunteer signups