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 Rules released!
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8/5/19: Team Registration open
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2019 - 2020 Steps for GASO Registration & Payment (Div B & C)

   Make checks to Georgia Science Olympiad, Inc. (NOT to GSTA)

  1. Register your school using the dark blue button above. Choose "Georgia" as your placeholder regional site. This is what you will change when choosing your actual regional site in October when all sites have been finalized.
  2. Then, click the light blue "Update your school/teams" button and choose the yellow "Manage Teams" button (up to 3 teams per school per division this year)
  3. Next, choose the light blue (or red) "View/Pay Registration Fees" button to see if you qualify for any discounts. Choose the correct discount code for your school. The discounts are available for new schools only. Most will choose "none"
  4. Then choose the method of payment (Pay by check, Pay by invoice etc.) You can then view/print an invoice with payment information details.
  5. Make your payment. The amount you pay depends on several factors. See #7 below. Payment must be processed in order to compete at Invitationals and Regionals. For schools who need it, download our W9 here
  6. You should get an e-mail when your registration payment has been applied.
  7. When Regional Tournament registration opens, only teams whose payment has been processed may register. Late teams may register as payment is received and marked paid. Teams who register before payment is processed will be removed to allow for paid teams to register. 
  8. The amount you pay depends on the post office's date stamped on the envelope; not the date of the check, the date on the invoice, nor the date you registered here. Ensure your bookkeeper know the amounts due and deadlines. 
  9. If several checks are received, the fee schedule and payment date are both based on final check received.postmark
  10. At this point, we are not set up to accept credit card payments. 

Returning Teams Schools Check Payment Fee Schedule (by postmark date)
till August 23rd -                               $220 / team (max of 3 teams)
Aug 24th - Oct 7th                            $235 / team (max of 3 teams)
Oct 8th - Dec 19th                            $285 / team (based on availability of regional spots)

New Teams Schools Check Payment Fee Schedule (by postmark date)
(Includes teams schools that have not competed in 5 or more years)
till Oct 7th                                         $175 for first team. Rest as above
Oct 8th - Dec 19th                            $175 for first team. 2nd and 3rd team $285 each


How to regenerate your invoice for the current amount due (needed if changing number of teams or in new payment time):
  1. https://scilympiad.com/ga/Reg/Pay
  2. Click: cancel pending payment
  3. Click: Manage Payment
  4. Click: view pay reg fees
  5. Click: none
  6. Click: Pay by "check" or "Purchase Order"

Refunds may be requested on or before September 30th.
Refunds will be processed after the last State Tournament with a deduction of $60 per team.

Regional site choices will open mid-October and close December 1st. Late registrants will be provided a site as convenient to them as available at the time.


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