Div B and C State Tournaments Cancelled


3/12/20 Div A State cancelled
3/11/20 B&C State Cancelled

3/11/20 COVID-19 Statement

3/1/20 - Regional Results posted
2/8/20 - B State Schedule posted
2/5/20 - Apply for SOSI Grant
1/25/20 B State Schedule & Trial Rules added
1/19/20 - Submit Regional Roster for EVERY team
1/9/20 - Regional Schedules edited
1/7/2020 Regional list by School
12/11/19 - DRAFT Regional Schedules Posted
10/22/19 - Regional Registration open
10/17/19 - Regionals: 2 buttons above
10/8/19 - Protein Model C - major rule change
10/8/19 - Dodgen MS free Road Scholar workshop
10/7/19 - B-C Regional Sites List Posted
10/3/19 - GAME ON: Will use Scratch v3
10/3/19 - Late Reg. $$'s if mailed 10/8 (Tue)
9/25/19 Regional Dates/Sites added
 Regenerate an invoice info at bottom
Regional Ornithology List Posted
 Rules released!
 GA Elementary SO site button added
: gascioly.org no longer in use
8/5/19: Team Registration open
7/30/19: Invitational dates posted

Summer Institute Grant - Summer Institute 7/2020 Cancelled

  1. Apply to attend the week long Coaching Workshop in Arizona in July (SOSI)
  2. One Div B and one Div C coach will be selected. 
  3. Awards will be announced at your State Tournament.
  4. Read conditions and deadlines in the application


  1. our regional site can be found by looking in the updates column on the left
  2. The regional site's tentative schedule can be found by clicking on the "Regional & State List" button above
  3. You will receive an email from the Regional Site Director with all information for their site including forms, schedules, sing-ups, site information, etc.
  4. The State Directors do not have that information. 
  5. Submit a Student Roster for every team BEFORE competing at a Regional Tournament. Download this document and e-mail it to georgiascioly@gmail
  6. Let us know if you have not got information from them 15 days prior to your tournament. 
Refunds are not available after 9/30/2019


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