Information on this site pertains to Middle (Div B) and High (Div C) Science Olympiad in Georgia. Use link above for Div A 


12/2/2020 - Check email for presentation
11/29/2020 - Tournament Info

11/21/2020 - Incomplete registration notice
11/19/2020 -Reminder of registration end
10/11/2020 - workshops
9/18/2020 - Info added & highlighted
9/8/2020 - Registration process
9/5/2020 - New doc added to fees
9/3/2020 - Registration & Fee dates
9/1/2020 - Invitational Link
9/1/2020 - Soinc updates
8/26/20 - Edited $ amount
8/18/20 - Rules release date updated
8/15/20 - Meeting summary posted
8/10-8/12 Coach Meetings 

7/28/20 SO for 2021
Email if hosting Invitational

3/12/20 Div A State cancelled
3/11/20 B&C State Cancelled
3/11/20 COVID-19 Statement

3/1/20 - Regional Results posted
2/8/20 - B State Schedule posted
2/5/20 - Apply for SOSI Grant
1/25/20 B State Schedule & Trial Rules added
1/19/20 - Submit Regional Roster for EVERY team
1/9/20 - Regional Schedules edited
1/7/2020 Regional list by School
12/11/19 - DRAFT Regional Schedules Posted
10/22/19 - Regional Registration open
10/17/19 - Regionals: 2 buttons above
10/8/19 - Protein Model C - major rule change
10/8/19 - Dodgen MS free Road Scholar workshop
10/7/19 - B-C Regional Sites List Posted
10/3/19 - GAME ON: Will use Scratch v3
10/3/19 - Late Reg. $$'s if mailed 10/8 (Tue)
9/25/19 Regional Dates/Sites added
 Regenerate an invoice info at bottom
Regional Ornithology List Posted
 Rules released!
 GA Elementary SO site button added
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8/5/19: Team Registration open
7/30/19: Invitational dates posted

2021 SEASON - Registration is closed

All coaches should have received an email about a presentation on scilympiad. (Check spam if you haven't & ensure is added to your trusted list if you find it in spam)

 Regional and State Tournament Information updated

We have several checks without associated paperwork. Without the paperwork, your school will be unable to compete
Registration for the 2021 season will shut down at noon on 11/22/202
3 workshops for coaches and test writers hosted at

The Process:
  1. Register your head coach and school. Returning coaches will need to link to their school
  2. Choose "Georgia" as your placeholder Regional. Regional Tournaments will not be finalized till later this season. 
  3. Choose "none" when asking for discounts UNLESS your school is new to GASO. 
  4. Print Form required to be signed by your Principal and head coach.
  5. Get rules from link above
  6. Send GASO membership fees + invoice + Principal and coach signed form; registration is incomplete without all documents
    1. If competing in Invitational Tournament - must be received at least 7 business days BEFORE Invitational Tournament 
    2. If only competing in Regional and beyond- must be received no later than 1/10/2021
  7. Wait for payment confirmation e-mail and check account. 
  8. Check this page for information on Regional Tournaments.

  • Head coach may register or modify team and school registration starting noon 09/08/2020
  • Registration ends at noon 11/22/2020
Membership Fees:
  • Fees must be received by us no later than 01/10/2021 in order to compete at Regional Tournaments
  • To compete in Invitational Tournaments, GASO membership fees must be received by us 7 business days prior to the Invitational. 
  • The earlier of the two dates above is the one you must choose if the Invitational is after the Regional Fee deadline
  • Details of who to make check to and address to send check to are found on your invoice  
  • New IncludePrincipal reviewed and signed documentwith your invoice and check

Start the season off with a virtual tournament in California (both Div B & Div C). Register here. GASO payments must be received by us no later than 10/3 to compete at this tournament.

National Science Olympiad (SOINC) deadlines:
  • 09/01/2020 - My SO launches at SOINC
  • 09/01/2020 – Coaching workshop registration and payment at SOINC
  • 9/01/2020 - STEM Showdown registration opens
  • 09/08/2020 - Rules Manual Released – (each person must register)
  • 09/15/2020 – STEM Session posted on SOTV YouTube channel
  • 09/19, 9/26, 10/17, 10/24 – Coaching Workshop Series dates

Coach Meetings Summary
  • Check this site for updates 
  • Georgia using Satellite SO for Regionals & State. Details at
  • Rules released 9/8/2020 at
  • Coach registration from 09/08 - 11/22 only
  • Annual registration fee - $200 per team per school (max 3 teams per school per division). 
  • $175 per team per school ONLY if new school (never competed/paid GASO) or competed/paid GASO prior to 8/2015
  • Payment due dates for teams competing in Invitationals - must be received at least 7 days prior to tournament
  • Payment due dates for teams NOT competing at Invitationals - must be received by 1/10/21
  • You will receive email from info@scilympiad when payment is processed - check spam Archives