Welcome to the 1st Annual Division B & C BirdSO Invitational!

March 7th - March 13th, 2021

Final Division B and Division C results!
Tests, Keys, and Score Distributions can be found here!

Competition has concluded! We'd love to hear your feedback!

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Questions? Contact
Eric Ma: (UCLA '24)
Finances will be handled by Bay Area Science League.
About The Tournament

Tournament Date: March 7th ~ March 13th, 2021
(Open Scheduling)
Events: 21B, 21C events w/ 5 trials per division
Teams: 100B, 120C maximum
Medals and Trophies: Top 6 (B) / 12 (C) medals, top 6 (B) / 8 (C) trophies
Cost: $50 per team. See our Fee Waiver Wiki Page