Welcome to the 2nd Annual Lexington Invitational

Saturday, April 16th, 2022

Welcome to the Lexington High School Invitational (LexSO), now open to Division B and C teams across the country! Our invitational will take place in mid-April, providing practice opportunities for qualifying teams before nationals, and a reason to extend the season for non-qualifying teams because we all need more Science Olympiad in our lives! We will run all 23 events in the Satellite SO format using national-level rules. Written tests will have 48-hour open testing (4/15-4/16) and build tests will have week long open testing (4/9-4/16) for flexible scheduling. As the tournament approaches, a full ES list will be available on our website. Registration is $40/team for the first team for each school and $30 for every team after that. Join us to have some fun! More info at http://bit.ly/lexingtoninvitational.

Late registration ($50 for first team, $40 for additional teams) is open until Friday! Register now!

Upcoming Dates

Registration Opens: 12/5/2021

Normal Registration Closes: 3/26/2022

Late Registration Closes (+$10/Team): 4/8/2022
Tournament Day: 4/16/2020
Awards Ceremony: Sunday 4/24/2021 (Tentative)

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