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Science Olympiad is a nationwide organization dedicated to high quality STEM instruction via invitational, regional, state, and national competitions. Students compete in 23 challenging events that include earth science, biology, chemistry, physics, computers, and engineering. Science Olympiad is designed to increase students' interest in STEM fields, develop communication, team-building, and critical thinking skills, and provide recognition for outstanding STEM achievement. Washington Science Olympiad (WSO) was founded in 1996 and normally hosts 4-5 regional B and C division tournaments in 3 regions - Eastern, Northwest, and Southwest. Official website.

Day 1 is on Saturday! Good luck!
Experimental Design B/C submission links and template have been emailed to your coaches.
The forms are currently locked and will open Saturday.

The form will not provide you a response receipt, but check here.
When our tracking sheet records your submission, it will populate there.
Save the time for the Day 2 seminar: 6-8 PST.
Link info to come.


2020-21 Virtual Season

    Latest Tournament Guide

    Statewide Regional


    Includes all tournament and event modifications.

    See all WSO coach reference materials here:

    B Schedule (two-day), effective 2/5 [Link]
    C Schedule (two-day), effective 2/5 [Link]

    Material Submission Sheets in Drive

    Dates: Feb. 27, March 6

    Medals and state bids will be awarded according to region (E, NW, SW).
    • Each region is awarded bids equal to half of the registered teams in that region, rounded usually.
    • Two teams per school may advance to state.



    To acknowledge that events are not equally easy to prepare for in this environment, no-shows (NS) will receive C+2 points, where C is the number of teams competing in that event, rather than N+1, where N is the number of registered teams. Participation will receive C+1. Per usual, ties for P and NS are allowed.

    • Day 1 placings will be posted on Scilympiad on the next Tuesday (3/2) morning. Teams, per usual WSO policy, will have 48 hours to challenge placing.
    • Day 2 placings will be posted on Scilympiad on the next Tuesday (3/9) morning. Teams will have 48 hours to challenge events not published on Day 1.
    • Scores become final Friday morning (3/12) after any challenges are resolved.
    • If changes are made, teams will be notified. Medals and trophies will be shipped after results are made final.
    1. If a team is suspected of an integrity violation (i.e. cheating) by the event supervisor, they will be referred to at least one member of the organizing team.
    2. If that member of the organizing team finds a violation may have occurred, they will get in touch with a coach by phone (Sat-Mon).
    3. Following discussion with coach (and student, if necessary), teams shall be assessed one of the following outcomes:
      1. No penalty
      2. 0 on question(s)
      3. DQ (N+2)
      4. Ethical DQ (WA rule; N+5)
    4. The WSO probation policy will apply to E/DQs of this type

    Test-Taking Policies

    1. Day 1 tests will open on the hour; and be open for 55 minutes. Teams will have 50 minutes to take their test. This means any team can start up to 5 minutes late and still get 50 minutes, to allow for technical difficulties.
    2. Day 2 tests can't be auto-closed at the end of a block, so while teams can technically open a test at any time (between 9 AM - 3:50 PM),
      1. Teams who start a test more than 2 minutes after any other teams will receive a 15% penalty.
      2. Tournament organizers retain discretion for higher sanctions for egregious violations, up to and including DQs.
    Reschedule Policy
    1. There will be a backup hour from 3-3:50.
    2. In the case any event is rescheduled for a subset of teams, the only available times will be the same-day blocks or the same-day backup hour.
    3. Except in an extreme circumstance, in the event entire events are rescheduled, it will be rescheduled for 3:00, with the possibility of rescheduling a Day 1 event for Day 2.
    4. In other words, no testing will take place outside of 8am - 4pm Saturdays.
    Out-of-Browser Policy
    1. Teams are to (a) setup communication with their partner before taking a test; (b) disable desktop notifications; and (c) not print anything in any event.
    2. We have now seen many teams compete in many events with 0 or only a few seconds on the timer.
    3. There will be three out-of-browser policies, assigned per event.
      1. No timer: Timer will not be tracked; and no penalties.
      2. Strict: Students must notify ES for any increase on their timer; with optional penalties under 60s, mandatory penalties thereafter, up to Participation points only.
      3. Moderate: Teams do not have to notify the ES under 60s, and no penalty will be applied. Penalties increase based on the timer, up to Participation points.
    4. The tournament organizing team retains final discretion over penalties based on, but not limited to extremely high times and patterns of behavior across events.


    WA-Specific Events Clarifications

    • Helicopters B/C 4(d): Electric winders may not be used, but electric counters may be.

    Upcoming Dates

    Feb. 8
    Event sign-up opens
    Feb. 27

    Academic test day (9 AM - 3 PM)
    March 6
    Building event day (8 AM - 3 PM)
    March 9
    Preliminary placings announced


    Despite NSO's annoucement, we will use WICADI at all levels.


    Scilympiad will be out of service for 10 minutes midnight PST Thursday.