Washington Science Olympiad is happy to welcome teams to the 2023-2024 season! Please see the updates section on this page for dated updates posted to Scilympiad.

If coaches have specific questions, please email statedirector@washingtonscienceolympiad.com.

Washington Science Olympiad State Board

Sue Murphy, State Director
George Sun, Chair
Scott McComb, Vice Chair
David Rosi, Treasurer
Marla Haugen, Secretary
Sheila Guard
Lei Jiang
Jay Loutherback
Edie Lie
Senthil Natesan
Kuhu Pande, Student Advisor
Cindy Liu. Student Advisor
Saisha Lakkaoju, Student Advisor


September 19, 2023

Registration is now open on Scilympiad. We have the following regional and state tournaments planned for the upcoming season.

  • Eastern B/C Regional - 3/09/24 - Spokane Falls Community College
  • NW B Regional - 3/09/24 - Northshore Middle School
  • NW C Regional - 2/24/24 - Raisbeck Aviation High School
  • NW C Regional - 3/02/24 - Bothell High School
  • SW B/C Regional - 3/02/24 - Camas High School
  • WSO State B/C Tournament - 4/13/24 - Central Washington University

WSO tournaments will use the WSO Unified Schedule for ALL tournaments in the state. There are still changes being made to the schedule & coaches will be advised when the draft schedule is available for review/comment. PLEASE do NOT have students sign up on Scilympiad - there are no functions we're using that need student registration. Additional info/documents will be posted for coaches ASAP with follow-up email advising of uploaded info/any required responses from coaches.

If coaches have specific questions, please email statedirector@washingtonscienceolympiad.com. If not directly responding, I will post msgs to Scilympiad for all coaches to see.

In the meantime, more detailed info for the state tournament will be provided ASAP.