Bay Area Science Olympiad Tournament


9/14/22 - Communique 2

Registration for the Bay Area Regional Tournament is now open. There are no limits on the number of teams that a school can enter. We're waiting to confirm the location and date of the Regional Tournament but we anticipate the tournament to be in person. The location and date will be posted once they have been confirmed. In the meantime, teams can start preparing for the tournament by downloading the rules on the National Science Olympiad web page. Teams can also see the tentative schedule for the Regional Tournament here. The schedule uses the event grouping/conflict from the tentative NorCal State schedule.

8/9/22 - Communique 1

Welcome to the 2022-2023 Science Olympiad season! We're expecting this year's tournament to be in person. While we're waiting for the rules and other information to be published by National Science Olympiad in September, you can find the list of 2023 events here. Registration will open in early September, so check back soon!