Science Olympiad                                    Welcome to the 3rd Annual

                                Dick Smith Memorial Invitational

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                                                                        Saturday December 2, 2023
                                                                         Events open 11/27 to 12/2

Upcoming Dates

Registration will open 9/11/23

Payment due two weeks after registration and before 11/23/23


Schedule See Below!

This is a Virtual Tournament using the Satellite format.

Link to volunteer as Event Supervisor

10 places of medals and trophies given!

Event Information TBA

Link to 2 required forms TBA

Students will take tests online.

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Events will be open from Monday 11/27 to Saturday 12/2. Your students may do events at any time as long as a coach is proctoring the event! All build events will be video submissions that must be received by 4 pm EST on 12/2. Schools with more than one team must do events simultaneously and submissions must be close in time (about 10 minutes apart max). This gives you a lot of flexibility. However, Event Supervisors will NOT be online to answer questions.

We will run Ichthyology B and C as a trial event. This is an event created by a PA Coach. Rules will be posted soon.