Highlands Intermediate and Pearl City High School are both located in Pearl City Hawaii. Each have been to the nationals and have been competing for years now. Highlands was actually the first Division B school to represent Hawaii at the Nationals, making their first appearance back in 2008. Throughout the years both schools have ran their fair share of annual invitationals. This year, we aim to run both an in-person and virtual invitational.

We will be running a FREE B/C invitational using an asynchronous schedule and no build events due to how early it is in the season. The goal of this invitational is to provide a free practice a month after rules have been released for students to test their abilities. It is also meant to provide an opportunity for the islands outside of O'ahu to take tests as only 2 of the 5 participating islands in HSSO have invitationals.

As this is a free invitational, we will not be giving out medals. There may, however, be special event-specific prizes for 1st place winners.

Upcoming Dates

10/4: Registration Closes
10/7: Tests due for Event Supervisors
10/8: Competition Begins
10/15: Competition Concludes
10/22: Results Released


Student Dashboard

Contact Information

General Inquiries: pearlcityscioly@gmail.com
Tournament Directors:
Antonio Velasco (antonisv@uci.edu)
Karina Quan (karinaquan@creighton.edu)

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