Science Olympiad is nationwide competition. Students compete in 23 events that include earth science, biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering. Science Olympiad is designed to increase a student’s interest in STEM fields and provide recognition for outstanding achievement in team events. Students compete in Science Olympiad with the top teams advancing from Regional to State to National levels.

The New Mexico State Science Olympiad tournament is hosted by New Mexico Tech in Socorro, NM. Teams from Divisions B and C will have the opportunity to compete in Regional events across the state.  We look forward to supporting our students in STEM!  More details can be found at

2024 Rules

2024 Event Schedule & Campus Map(Updated 2/20/2024)

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State Science Olympiad 2024 will be held February 24th, 2024.
This will be a In-person Event.
2.24.24: In Person Competition
2.24.24: Awards Ceremony -  The award ceremony is planned for in person on NMT Campus. This will also be live streamed for anyone that is unable to be present for it. Here is the link for the live streamed Awards Ceremony.
                                                   6pm - 7pm  - B Division Awards
                                                   7pm - 8pm  - C Division Awards

ZOOM Link for Awards Show!!
Masks are optional. 
• Indoor food and drinks will be allowed.
• Spectators, family, and friends are welcomed to join us - please be kind and courteous to those around you! 

2024 Event-Specific Information
Ceiling Heights:
  • West Gym (2024 Events: Flight B/C, Aerial Scramble) - 80' wide x 103' long: Ceilings approx. 25’ high
  • East Gym (2024 Events: Air Trajectory, Scrambler, Wheeled Vehicle) - 54' wide x 95' long: Ceilings approx. 20’ high
  • Racquetball Courts (2024 Events: Robot Tour) - 19' wide x 39' long
Aerial Scramble:
  •  We will be providing the Guillows Skystreak Glider for students.
Flight Events: 
     Lessons Learned to pass on to competitors:
  • Flight Ready means flight ready straight out of the competitor prepared box. The planes cannot be built to a larger size after they have been accepted by Event Supervisor in the box.
    Bottom line: you can’t provide a plane in pieces, take it out of the box and build the fuselage longer.
  • Log Books and Design Log must have a cover sheet AND have rules and required measurements, They must have the required number of trails (10).
  • Label your aircraft.
  • Box dimensions /measurements are to the exterior of the box – very explicit in rules yet three teams missed the height measurement.
  • Again, read the rules and construction instructions – all of them.
  • Coaches are not allowed to coach or talk to the teams once they are checking in. They also cannot tough the checked in planes.
  • Motor handoff from check in point back to the team, and start of the ten minute clock is important. Do not take your motors away from the check in point /table once weighed in. That technically starts your clock.
Roller Coaster (Posted Feb 3rd, 2024):
  • Roller Coaster will be run in a classroom with tables. These tables are not perfectly level (usually off on the order of a degree), so teams with very sensitive devices should be prepared.

2024 Trial Events
Alternates or students without a lot of events are highly encouraged to participate in our fun trial events during the competition! Trial events are entirely for fun, and don’t count toward a team’s overall score. However, we do award medals. We are running the following trial events this year:
  • Aerial Scramble (B & C) - Trial Event Rules
    Teams are given a kit and attempt to construct the longest-flying glider during the event.
  • Cybersecurity (C Only) - Trial Event Rules
    Competitors will be assessed on their knowledge of cybersecurity through hands-on tasks as well as theoretical questions focused in the areas of cryptography and web architecture.
  • Mystery Architecture (B Only) - 2018 Event Rules (assume regional level)
    Competitors will be given some building materials and asked to build the best bridge or tower based on some instructions.
    Examples: Build a bridge spanning a two foot gap that can hold the most weight, or build the tallest tower that can hold 500 grams for 15 seconds.
  • Solar Power (B & C) - Trial Event Rules
    Teams will construct and test a device designed to collect heat, as well as complete a written test on alternative energy concepts.


Buildings Open
7:15a-7:45aRegistrationDeju House

ES Meeting

Event Setup



ArbitrationFidel Quiet Lounge
6:00-7:00pmDivision B AwardsMacey Center
7:00-8:00pmDivision C AwardsMacey Center

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