Welcome to the second annual Science Olympiad at Pitt Invitational!
After starting out with a virtual tournament in 2020-21, we're thrilled to host this year's Division C tournament virtually. Our tournament has high-quality tests written by experienced Science Olympiad alumni, coaches, and event supervisors. We'd love to see you in February 2022! If you have any questions about our invitational, feel free to email pittscioly@gmail.com
  • Tournament Date: Saturday, February 19, 2022
  • Tournament Division: Satellite C
  • Registration fee: $40/team, $35 for each additional one
We look forward to seeing you at our competition!

**Please continue to check this page as we get closer to the invitational for future updates!**

Upcoming Dates
11/1/2021: Registration Opens
2/1/2022: Registration Closes
2/19/2022: Tournament Day

*If there are strenuous circumstances, late registrations may be accepted. Just email us!


11/1/2021: Registration has been opened through Scilympiad!
11/24/2021: Block Schedule can be found here.
12/7/2021: Self-Scheduling will be through Scilympiad; feel free to practice signing up as all signups will be reset before it officially opens. The official signups will open on 2/1/22 at 6pm. 
2/1/2022: Self-Scheduling is now open!
Check out this link for any and all past results.