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CollapseCategory: General Rules
 Division A General RulesDiv A General Rules.pdf
CollapseCategory: Map
 Competition Map Miramar2024CompetitionMap.B.pdf
CollapseCategory: Miramar
 Hourglass Gym MeasurementsHourglassGymMeasurements.pdf
 K1 Lunch Area Room DimensionsMiramarK1LunchAreaDimensions.pdf
 K1-Lunch Area FlooringK1LunchAreaFlooring.jpg
CollapseCategory: National
 B Calculator and Event MatrixB.CalEventsMatrix.24.pdf
 B Calculator Class DescriptionsB.CalculatorClassDescriptions.24.pdf
 B Chem Lab EquipmentB.ChemEquipment.24.pdf
 B Eye Protection GuideB.Eye Proctection Guide.24.pdf
 C Calculator and Events MatrixC.CalculatorEventMatrix.24.pdf
 C Calculator Class DescriptionsC.CalculatorClassDescriptions.24.pdf
 C Chemistry Lab EquipmentC.ChemEquipment.24.pdf
 C Eye Protection GuideC.EyeProtectionGuide.24.pdf
CollapseCategory: Rules Clarifications
 Div C Rules Clarifications CutoffDivC.SolCalRulesClarifications March 12, 2024 at 10_10 PM.pdf
 Rules Clarifications Feb 22 12AMSolCalRulesClarifications Feb 22, 2024 at 12_00 AM.pdf
CollapseCategory: Schedule
 2024 Div A Event Conflicts.10.13.20232024EventConflictsA.10.13.2023.pdf
 2024 Div A Final Schedule of
 2024 Div B Event Conflicts.9.6.20232024EventConflictsB.9.6.2023.pdf
 2024 Div B Event Groupings Team Numbers2024GroupingsTimeBlocks.1.16.24.pdf
 2024 Div B Final Schedule of Events2024ScheduleofEventsB.Final_60.pdf
 2024 Div C Event Conflicts.9.6.20232024EventConflictsC.9.6.2023.pdf
 2024 Div C Event Groupings Team Numbers2024EventConflictsTeamsNumbersC.1.16.24.pdf
 2024 Div C Final Schedule of Events2024ScheduleofEventsC.Final.031524.pdf
 2024 Div C Schedule of Events2024ScheduleofEventsC.020124.pdf
CollapseCategory: USD
 Hahn University Center Forum C pic 1ForumC.1.jpg
 Hahn University Center Forum C pic 2ForumC.2.jpg
 Hahn University Center Forum C pic 3ForumC.3.jpg
 Hahn University Center Forums AB pic 1ForumABceiling.1.jpg
 Learning Commons Town Sq 1LearningCommonsTownSquare.1.jpg
 Learning Commons Town Sq 2LearningCommonsTownSquare.2.jpg
 Learning Commons Town Sq 3LearningCommonsTownSquare.3.jpg
 Learning Commons Town Sq 4LearningCommonsTownSquare.4.jpg
 Learning Commons Town Sq 5LearningCommonsTownSquare.5.jpg
 Learning Commons Town Sq 6LearningCommonsTownSquare.6.jpg