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CollapseCategory: Competition Events
 2023 Div B State Schedule 3_212023 State Schedule B 20230321.pdf
 2023 Div C State Schedule 3_212023 State Schedule C 20230321.pdf
 2023 North-Central Regional Schedule2023 North-Central Regional Schedule v2.pdf
 2023 Southern Regional Schedule2023 Southern Regional Schedule v2.pdf
 Casteel Inv Schedule2023 Casteel Invitational Schedule.pdf
CollapseCategory: Competition Forms
 ASU Student Release Form 2023Science Olympiad Student Agreement Form_Updated_12.9.2022-2.pdf
 Student Releases2023 Student Releases.pdf
CollapseCategory: Final Results
 2020 B_NC Regional Final Scores2020 NCRegFinalScores.pdf
 2020 B_S Regional Final Scores2020 DivB SReg Final Scores.pdf
 2021 B AMS Inv Nov 2020 Results2021 B AMS Inv Nov 2020.pdf
 2021 B AMS Inv Nov 2020 Results2021 C AMS Inv Nov 2020.pdf
 2022 Div B School Level Awards2022 Div B School Level Awards.pdf
 2022 Div B State Final Results2022 Div B State Final Results.pdf
 2022 Div C School Level Awards2022 Div C School Level Awards.pdf
 2022 Div C State Results2022 Div C State Final Results.pdf
 2023 Casteel Inv Div B ResultsCasteel Inv Div B Results.pdf
 2023 Casteel Inv Div C ResultsCasteel Inv Div C Results.pdf
 2023 Div B NC Regional Final Scores2023 Div B NC Regional Final Scores.pdf
 2023 Div C NC Regional Final Scores2023 Div C NC Regional Final Scores.pdf
 2023 Div C Southern Regional Final Results2023 SReg C Final Results.pdf
 2023 SReg B Final Results2023 SReg B Final Results.pdf
 B_2019 State Final ScoresB_2019 State Final Scores.pdf
 C_2019 State Final ScoresC_2019 State Final Scores.pdf
 Tournament Results - Orange Grove Inv 12_2022DivB Orange Grove Inv Dec 2022.pdf
CollapseCategory: General Announcements
 2023 Chiropterology ListBats - 2023 List.pdf
 ASU Summer Programs 20232023-AllSummerPrograms-Flyer.pdf
 Regional UpdatesRegional Updates.pdf
CollapseCategory: Maps
 ASU Campus MapASU Map 2022.pdf
 Canyon View Campus MapCVHS MAP (1).pdf
 Canyon View HS Campus MapCopy of CVHS MAP.pdf
 Canyon View School MapSO Regionals CVHS MAP.pdf
 UHS Campus MapUHS Campus Map.pdf
CollapseCategory: Registration
 2023 AZSO Invoice2023 AZSO Invoice.pdf
CollapseCategory: Rules
  Digital StructuresDigitalStructures.pdf
 Bridge Satellite InformationBridgeSatelliteSupplement211012.pdf
 Chiropterology Rules 2022Chiropterology - Bats 2022.pdf
 Crave the Wave B23CraveTheWaveB23.pdf
 Detector Building C23DetectorBuildingC23.pdf
 Exp & Data AnalysisExperiment _ Data Analysis.pdf
 Flight B23FlightB23.pdf
 Its About Time C23ItsAboutTimeC23.pdf
 Storm the Castle B23StormtheCastleB23.pdf
 WiFi Lab C23WifiLabC23.pdf