Event Supervisor Volunteer Signup

Thank you for your interest in supporting Arizona Science Olympiad as an Event Supervisor.  We are looking for Event Supervisors that can support both Div B/Div C Regional and State Tournaments.  

·       Div B/Div C: Southern Regional, hosted by University HS, 421 N Arcadia, Tucson,  AZ. 

·       Div B/Div C: North-Central Regional, hosted by Canyon View HS, 6024 N. Perryville Road, Waddell, AZ. 85355 

·       6 April 2024 Div B & Div C Arizona State Tournament, Arizona State University, Tempe Campus

If you would like to practice as an Event Supervisor, we encourage you to Event Supervise at the upcoming Invitationals 

Primary responsibilities of Event Supervisor are preparing and grading the written competition tests or supervising the testing of devices built by the students at home and brought to the competition.

For those Event Supervisors preparing written tests, this secure website has a test creator program that enables automatic headers and footers, able to print an Event Supervisor copy with answers, along with other features.  It is encouraged to use the test creator program. 

This secure website will also be used for scoring the tournaments.  The Event Supervisor Scoring Dashboard will go live the day of the tournament.  

Please be assured that your information will not be shared with others and will be used for the sole purpose of matching the right position with your expertise. 

Annual N‍ational Volunteer Training can be found here.

Photo Release:  By completing your registration on this website, I hereby irrevocably grant Arizona Science Olympiad, including is affiliates, officers, directors, employees, representatives, agents, successors, and assignees, perpetually, exclusively, and for use throughout the world, any and all rights to use and incorporate, in whole or in part, my photograph, whether it be represented in a still image or a video or film, my name, and likeness, for reproduction in any and all media for purposes of advertising, trade, display, exhibition, editorial; use or other use as determined by Arizona Science Olympiad in its sole discretion.

Event Supervisor Signup