Some tournaments allow schools to register up to # of teams, the limit under 1st Round Max Teams per School during the first # of teams under 1st Round Max Teams. Then after that, schools can register up to # teams, the limit under Max Teams per School for a total of # teams under Max Teams. If Max Waitlist is not 0, teams can be placed on waitlist chronologically up to Max Waitlist.

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1st Round Max Teams Per School 
1st Round Max Teams 
Max Teams Per School 
Max Teams 
Max Waitlist 
Tournament Date 
EventsEastern BregionalBEastern B Regional6208222Jan 01, 0001TBA
EventsEastern CregionalCEastern C Regional6208222Jan 01, 0001TBA
EventsNW-BregionalBNW B Division Regional6326346Jan 01, 0001TBA
EventsNW-CregionalCNW C Division Regional6326325Jan 01, 0001TBA
EventsSW - BregionalBSW B Division Regional6208202Jan 01, 0001TBA
EventsSW - CregionalCSW C Division Regional6228222Jan 01, 0001TBA