Mission Possible Scoresheet 2020

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1. Device Impounded 2. Team able to compete 3. Height of device (nearest 0.1cm) 4. Width of device (nearest 0.1cm) 5. Depth of device (nearest 0.1cm) 6. Top and 2 vertical walls open 7. ASLs submitted on time at impound 8. ASLs legible and in specified format 9. ASLs 100% accurate of intended actions 10. Actions within Device labeled as in ASLs 11. < 30 minute set up Device 12. Start Action completed 13. At least 1:3 ratio gear used to initiate next action 14. Rotate wheel & axle to raise ball 15. Knock over in series dominos 16. Add water to container to raise ball 17. Rotate screw to move a wingnut 18. Push/pull golf ball up an inclined plane 19. Pulley system with IMA ≥ 2 to lift ball 20. 3rd class lever to raise ball 21. Pull wedge from under ball 22. Use ≤ 9V to power fan to push floating object 23. Push wedge between 2 golf balls 24. Start pendulum clock for next action 25. Final Action completed 26. Ball clearly unobstructed in all directions 27. Target Operation Time (secs, same for all teams) 28. Device Operation Time (rounded down to secs) 29. Non-spring timer time (rounded down to secs) 30. All solid/liquid stay inside 31. # of spring timing action > 10 secs 32. Electricity not used except in #22 33. # of touches
If keyboard is primary input device, hit Tab to move to the next entry, Shift+Tab to move back, spacebar to check or un-check an option. Un-check means No or False, blank means 0 if skipped.
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