SLHS Mini-SO Invitational Tournament Updates

Check back for updates!

Update # 1:  Registration is now open!

Update # 2:  Schedule is released!  Team numbers will be assigned by Monday so that you can begin entering team rosters.

Update 3:  Team numbers have been assigned.  You may be assigning students to teams and to events.  Please note the times of events above - the schedule is not reflected in the sign-up for events on Scilympiad.  ALL TIMES ARE CST! 

Parameters for bridge, trajectory and scrambler will be sent out the day ot the tournament.  The height for flight will be sent out beforehand.

**Reminder:  this is a miniSO format so students should be participating remotely of each other.  Communication will be via chat, discord, zoom, etc.  No electronic binders - time out of browser will be recorded.

Update 4:  

Pokemon and Trivia Rules