Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad is nationwide competition where students compete in topics including earth science, biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering. Science Olympiad is designed to increase a student’s interest in STEM fields and provide recognition for outstanding achievement in team events.

We're excited to announce the first ever SoCal Elementary Science Olympiad Tournament on Sat, May 8, 2021. This will replace this year's elementary tournaments traditionally hosted by each regional.  The list of events is posted here with these modifications. The rules are found in the 2016 Competitive Tournament Rules which can be purchased from the National Science Olympiad store. Note that this manual includes 100 different events and the same manual is used from year to year. 

SoCal Elementary Tournament

Awards Ceremony

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Adding students to your team:
In order for your team members to compete, the students must be added to the roster. This is done by going to the Head Coach dashboard and clicking on “Student/Team/Event Assignment.” Type in the names and grades of your students. The login ID will be automatically generated for each student and they will be able to log in using the login ID. Please provide your student their login ID, first name, and last name that you entered so they can log in. The login ID, first name, and last name you submit must match what they submit.

Assigning Students to Events:
From the Student/Team/Event Assignment page, click on “Students to Teams” to assign your students to the corresponding team. This step is still needed even if your school only has one team. Once that has been completed, you can click on “Students to Events” to assign events to the students. This step must be done in order for the students to compete on tournament day.

Student Log In:
Prior to the tournament, students should create their account on here by clicking on “Tournament” tab, “Student Dashboard”, then click either “Take online tests using Login ID.” If this is their first time, they will need to enter the Login ID, their first name and last name to create the account, then enter their password. After that, they can login using simply their Login ID and password.

Self-Scheduled Events:
Please note that Aerodynamics and Barge Building will be run as a self-scheduled event through a zoom call. Coaches should sign up for their time slots by going to Head Coach Dashboard -> Self-scheduled Event Signup, then click on the time slot you want for each event.

Event Modifications:
Please make sure to review the Event Modifications document with your team prior to the tournament. Please note that there are a few edits made this week.

Study Guides:
The students from Sierra Vista putting together the tests for this tournament have recently put together study guides for the events as a resource for your teams. Please feel free to share them with your team.

Event Materials:
You should have received or will be receiving the Event materials in the next couple of days. Robert Yamasaki has graciously agreed to pack and send the materials for the schools in Hacienda La Puente and they will arrive in the next couple of days. Please make sure your students competing in the events have the relevant material. Except for Write It Do It, there should be 1 set of material for each of the 2 partners. For Write it Do It, the highlighters and the page with the square are for the Doer (Drawer).

We will not be requiring releases for this tournament.


Registration is now open. The event modifications and preliminary schedule have been posted

Upcoming Dates

Week of 3/22/21: Rules Modification updates
Sat, May 8, 2021: Tournament Day


Students can now take tests online.

Take Test using Login ID