Ping Pong Parachute Scoresheet 2020

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If your timing device records time in seconds, just enter all secs in the lower box, secs. If it records minutes and seconds, enter mins in the upper box and secs in the lower box.
If you don't have three timers, just enter time in Timer 1, leave Timer 2 and Timeer 3 blank. Do not enter anything in them.
1. Wear eye protection and has Log 2. Rocket A met all Const Param 3. Rocket B met all Const Param Launch 1 4. Rocket A or Rocket B 5. Timer 1 (mins and/or secs) 6. Timer 2 7. Timer 3 8. Parachute payload separated 9. Not contact ceiling (ceiling objects) Launch 2 10. Rocket A or Rocket B 11. Timer 1 12. Timer 2 13. Timer 3 14. Parachute payload separated 15. Not contact ceiling (ceiling objects)

If keyboard is primary input device, hit Tab to move to the next entry, Shift+Tab to move back, spacebar to check or un-check an option.
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