Detector Building Scoresheet 2020

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Different tournament levels have different error multipliers. Select the level you want to emulate. Default Calibration temperatures are 20, 40, 60, and 72 °C. These temperatures are for testing only. You can change them. Your regional/state tournaments have different Calibration temperatures.
Note: Scores for Detector Building are scaled to the highest Exam score. Your lone score may be different when calculated with other scores.
    Tournament Level 1. Exam score Calibration Thermometer Temperature 2. Station 1 Temp. (nearest 0.1 °C) 3. Station 2 Temp. 4. Station 3 Temp. 5. Station 4 Temp. Design Log 6. Top-down photograph 7. Data table with at least 10 trials 8. Scatter-plot graph 9. Function graph of math model 10. Equation of math model 11. Code showing equation 12. Code to illuminate LEDs Team Measured Temperature 13. Station 1 temp. (nearest 0.1°C) 14. Station 1 correct LED color 15. Station 2 temp. 16. Station 2 correct LED color 17. Station 3 temp. 18. Station 3 correct LED color 19. Station 4 temp. 20. Station 4 correct LED color         21. All Construction Param. Met 22. All Competition Param. Met
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