Westlake Science Olympiad Invitational
Welcome to our 8th Annual Invitational Tournament!

Tournament Date: Saturday January 9, 2021

Virtual Mini SO Format
This tournament will be virtual tournament using the Mini SO format.  The original intent was to attempt the Satellite SO format to accommodate more hands-on and build event activities.   The Mini SO format will be used, but trial events will be added to allow for hands-on and build event participation.

Competition Schedule
All events will be run with an open schedule.  Teams may choose to compete at any time within the tournament competition time. 
The tournament events will open at 8:00 am EST on Saturday Jan 9, 2021 and conclude at Sunday 3:00 am EST on Jan 10, 2021.

A Sunday morning block of time will be held in reserve to facilitate the opportunity to compete in order to accommodate extenuating circumstances with technical difficulties.

Awards Ceremony
A virtual awards ceremony will be held at 8pm on Sunday Jan 10, 2021.  Details on the award ceremony will be provided closer to the tournament.
The number of places recognized with an award will be scaled based on the number of teams with at least 10% of the participating 

Team Registration Fees
Payment Address, W-9, other payment information here