Westlake Science Olympiad Invitational
Welcome to our 9th Annual Invitational Tournament!

Tournament Date: Saturday January 8, 2022

Virtual Satellite Format
This tournament will be virtual tournament using the Satellite format.  

Competition Schedule
Coaches are free to schedule their teams for Scilympiad-based tests on January 8, 2022 between 7:00 am EST and 8:00 PM EST.

It is highly recommended that coaches use the national or theirs state/regional schedule as a guide when scheduling.

Event Schedule Information

Awards Ceremony
The virtual awards ceremony will premier on the Westlake Science Olympiad YouTube Channel at 8pm on Thursday Jan 13, 2022. Congratulations to all our our competitors!

Full results will be available on Scilympiad immediately following the awards ceremony. Blank Test and Keys will be provided by Friday Jan 14 via email to all coaches.

Team Registration Fees
Payment Address, W-9, other payment information here