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Time notification 10/21/20
Submitting scores 10/21/20
Codebusters timed question 10/21/20
Nov 7th Tournament 10/20/20
Server Error in '/' Application when trying to register my school 10/19/20
I can not assign a login ID to any student 10/18/20
Import Tests 10/18/20
Screenshots 10/18/20
Downloading Tests 10/18/20
Event Supervisor Feedback 10/18/20
Test Response 10/16/20
Are Principal Certifications and Signed Releases required? 10/16/20
Do parent/guardians need their own Scilympiad accounts in order to undersign a release form for their student? 10/15/20
Are partial points allowed? 10/15/20
How do I indicate a team has paid their fee if they pay outside of Scilympiad 10/14/20
Can't Register B Team 10/14/20
How do I assign a school to a coach in director registration screen 10/14/20
how to let alternates take trial event tests 10/12/20
Access Event Supervisor Profiles 10/11/20
Students testing solo is seeing their partner's name for the next event in the chat box. 10/10/20
What is the event supervisor's email for Reach for the Stars? 10/10/20
Bug in testing service? 10/10/20
How do students contact the Event Supervisor if they are locked out of the event on tournament day? 10/07/20
How do I set up a 50 minute test such that the students can take it anytime between 8 am and 5 pm? 10/07/20
How do I set my whole tournament to a specific time zone? 10/07/20
Emailing Students Their Login Instructions 10/06/20
Advice for test interruption due to WiFi issue 10/04/20
Event Supervisor Registration Edit 10/04/20
Are the answers for fill in the blank case sensitive? 10/03/20
Are the fill in the blank questions graded automatically? 10/03/20
Head Coach documents 10/03/20
Limit Invitationals to teams in my state only. 10/02/20
Processing Registration Payment 10/02/20
Options for scoring Fill in the Blank Questions 10/02/20
Pay by Check 10/01/20
Paypal fee is wrong 10/01/20
Payment for Registration - How to Turn off PayPal option 10/01/20
Issue with logging on 10/01/20
w-9 09/29/20
Trouble with test syncing among students 09/28/20
Trouble with chat 09/28/20
Release Forms 09/27/20
Multiple Practice Tests 09/27/20
How should Baconian ciphertext be entered? 09/26/20
Need advice on entering frequency table for Codebusters 09/26/20
Can't Put Regional on School Profile 09/26/20
RFE: Allow images to be used in answers. 09/25/20
Will Short Answer/Essay questions be graded by a person? 09/25/20
How will multiple answer questions be graded? 09/25/20
What's the language used for entering Chemical and Math equations? 09/25/20

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