Welcome to Sample Middle School Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad

This is a sample website available for head coaches to test drive the Team Management system. The system can be configured in either:

  1. Students select their own events, first-come, first-served during open enrollment, head coaches can still reassign events after enrollment is closed.
  2. Head coaches or planning committee assign events to students based on their questionaires during registration.

Ready to sign up for SO Team Management System? Subscribe or log in to your Regional or State website as a Head Coach, then click on Coaches tab, HC Dashboard, click on Team Management System at the bottom, then click Subscribe.

Team Management system provides the following functions, and more features are added every season:

Log in and test it out.

Use these registered test login accounts to explore the Sample Middle School Science Olympiad website - all have the same password MyTeam1!

You can switch to another role anytime by clicking on the Info tab above then select Test Users.

To protect privacy, all members in the Sample website are fictitious.