Student Dashboard (Tournament Time Zone: CDT)

For best test taking experience, go through this checklist PRIOR TO competition days. See what the test page looks like.

  1. Review the Student Reference Guide for tips to issues/resolutions during test taking. It's updated regularly as Scilympiad evolves through the season. Most documents are shared in Google drive open to all with the right permissions. If you still cannot access them, your school district may block them. Check with your coaches.
  2. Make sure you successfully log into Scilympiad to your tournament using the information provided by your coach. Correct any mispellings with your coaches before the competition.
  3. Make sure you have access to the listing of your assigned events ahead of the competition.
  4. Check your device, recommended screen resolution of 1920 x 1080, good internet speed (at least 5 Mbps), a pointing device, a reliable browser (later versions of Chrome and Edge are recommended).
  5. Note: Scilympiad doesn't support Internet Explorer 11 or older. Upgrade or use other browsers.
  6. Make sure your browser allows Javascript, popup and cookies (cookie is only used for inter-page communication).
  7. Make sure your device clock, the time, time zone and daylight saving settings are correct.
  8. If you cannot access the testing pages for some reason, close all browsers and try again, try another browser or device, move closer to the router in your home. Make sure you're in the right tournament.
  9. Do not open multiple tabs or browsers accessing Scilympiad website at the same time. If the test instructs you to open external links, open one at a time and close it when done.
  10. Check your Login ID. Distinguish between zero and the letter O, 1 and the letter I.
  11. Do not use cell phones to take tests.
  12. You can refresh the screen to see what answers were actually saved, but do not overuse the function especially when response time is slow during peak time.
  13. If all fail, let your head coach know immediately.
  14. See what the test page looks like.

When reporting an error, tell what error you get with screenshots, what page you access before the error, what browser and computer you use. Make sure you are in the right tournament by looking at the page title and URL.