Tournament Results

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Note: * Teams with fractional values in parenthesis are teams with ties. Ties were broken by highest counts of 1st places, then 2nd,..., 7th places. First team in the tie does not have tie breaking value.
School/TeamPlaceTotalAnatomyBio Process LabBridgeCant Judge a PowderCodebustersCrave the WaveCrime BustersDisease DetectivesDynamic PlanetExperimental DesignFast FactsFlightForestryGreen GenerationMeteorologyRoad ScholarRocks and MineralsRoller CoasterSolar SystemSounds of MusicStorm the CastleWheeled VehicleWrite It Do It
IS98 Bay Academy, Bay Academy Team A15816112131326512312422324
Harlan Rowe, Harlan Rowe - Black26161235314114123151311138
Clarksville, Clarksville Defenestration311813351232522121955544143882
IS98 Bay Academy, Bay Academy Team B414839621445543846435839191914
Clarksville, Clarksville Bubonic51541078137983711212912662546106
North Pocono, North Pocono - Red6164128764126846122124621011116447
Abington Heights, Abington Heights718916235115131068871099137510111119
Wayne Highlands, Wayne Highlands820441099131576931511311107319877711
Bedford, Bedford Middle School9220211137669913551381212129915519191
Pocono Mountain East Jr. High School, Pocono Mountain East10230144121081312789104613151511197851010
Saint Leo the Great Catholic School, Saint Leo Green (+0.01)*112309510119811131410910111071114791310613
North Pocono, North Pocono - White1223511141481071011111314613881913101310255
Harlan Rowe, Harlan Rowe - Silver13266719194191121910197377141086619191912
Saint Leo the Great Catholic School, Saint Leo Gold1427551211151414141212711191414118121212149815
North Pocono, North Pocono - Black1533215134141210151519191319151616141519161219193
Pocono Mountain West Junior High School, Pocono Mountain West 1637381519161916161415191919161513916191419191919
Total Teams: 16