Welcome to Mesa Verde Middle School Science Olympiad (2023-2024)

We are an organization solely driven by parent and student volunteers.
Our mission is to support and encourage our students in their pursuit of knowledge through principles of science and math.
Our approach is preparation and participation in the annual Science Olympiad event(s).

Parents register first and then invite your child to register via the registration process outlined below:

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09/10/23 - Weekly event meetings start

10/29/23 - Compelte Parent and Student Member Registration on MVSO Website

11/01/23 - Registration fees due

11/4/23 to 11/11/23 - Rickard's Invitational 

02/24/24 - San Diego Regional Tournament

The trial period (Sep 10 - Sep 30) for weekly event meetings starts Sunday (09/10). All students/parents who have filled out the student interest form have been notified by email. Please check the weekly meeting calendar for information regarding the event meetings you are planning on attending. 

A thorough understanding of event specific event rules is critical for MVSO student success. Please download 2024 event rules. One component of student assessment during trial period will be based on student's familiairity with the event rules. Here are the event conflict blocks for 2023-2024 SO season.

In the first week of October, we will notify students who have been selected for the initial draft of our teams. At that time we will also inform parents of the registration process and donation towards registration fees. Please do not drop off any checks yet at the school front office. We will begin collecting checks in October.


Join Us ! Hear from some of our MVSO students from last year explaining various events and sharing their Science Olympiad experience.

Students interested in joining MVSO 2023-2024 sign up using the Student Interest Form. The form will close on 09/05/23. Weekly event meeting sessions will begin the week of September 10, 2023.  Check the tentative weekly meeting schedule often for updates and latest information.

Click here for --> More info on 2023 - 2024 event slate

Reach out to Head Coach Team, Soumya Chennapragada and Jeanette Candelaria, with questions relating to MVSO at mv92129so@gmail.com


-  Priority will be given to parent event coaches and returning students

-  If you no longer wish to receive MVSO emails, please send removal notice to mv92129so@gmail.com.

Last updated: 09/09/2023