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Max Teams Per School 
Max Teams 
Tournament Date 
EventsMontgomery College- Germantown TournamentregionalCWestern Maryland Region; Div. C399Feb 11, 2023Montgomery College- Germantown
EventsMorgan State TournamentregionalBBaltimore Region; Div. B399Mar 04, 2023Morgan State University
EventsRichard Montgomery HS TournamentregionalBCentral Maryland Region; Div. B399Mar 04, 2023Richard Montgomery HS
EventsOakland Mills HS TournamentregionalCEastern Maryland Region; Div. C399Mar 25, 2023Oakland Mills HS
EventsState Tournament MD, Div BstateB 124Apr 22, 2023Johns Hopkins University
EventsState Tournament MD, Div CstateC 124Apr 22, 2023Johns Hopkins University
Events_I am Unsure, Div. B (MD Directors will Assign)regionalB_I am Unsure, Div. B (MD Directors will assign)399Apr 01, 2099for admin Scilympiad testing only
Events_I am Unsure, Div. C (MD Directors will Assign)regionalC 399Sep 09, 2099for admin Scilympiad testing only