2023-2024 Registered Schools

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Div B: 46 schools - 54 paid teams
Div C: 49 schools - 50 paid teams
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All Saints Catholic SchoolB22Wichita RegionalWichitaPrivate
Andover Central High SchoolC44Wichita RegionalUSD385Public
Andover Central Middle SchoolB33Wichita RegionalAndover School DistrictPublic  
Andover High SchoolC11Wichita RegionalAndover USD385Public
Andover Middle SchoolB11Wichita RegionalUSD 385Public
Annoor Islamic SchoolB11Wichita RegionalPrivatePrivate
Aubry Bend Middle SchoolB11Northeast RegionalBlue Valley USD 229Public
Augusta High SchoolC11Wichita RegionalUSD 402Public
Augusta Middle SchoolB22Wichita RegionalUSD 402Public
Basehor-Linwood High SchoolC11Northeast RegionalUSD 458Public
Basehor-Linwood Middle SchoolB11Northeast RegionalUSD 458 Basehor-LinwoodPublic
Bishop Carroll Catholic High SchoolC11Wichita RegionalCatholic Diocese of WichitaPrivate
Blue Valley North High SchoolC11Northeast RegionalBlue Valley USD 229Public
Blue Valley Southwest High SchoolC11Northeast RegionalBlue Valley School DistrictPublic
Blue Valley West High SchoolC11Northeast RegionalBlue Valley District USD 229Public  
California Trail Middle SchoolB11Northeast RegionalOlathe School District USD #233Public
Central of BurdenC11Wichita RegionalCentral of Burden USD 462Public
Chapman Middle SchoolB11Wichita RegionalUSD 473Public
Charles Robinson Middle SchoolB11Wichita RegionalUSD259Public
Chisholm Middle SchoolB22Wichita Regionalusd373Public
Chisholm Trail Middle SchoolB11Northeast RegionalOlathe School DistrictPublic
Christa McAuliffe AcademyB11Wichita RegionalWichita Public Schools USD259Public
Cimarron High SchoolC11Wichita RegionalCimarron SchoolsPublic
De Soto High SchoolC11Northeast RegionalUSD 232Public
Dwight D. Eisenhower Middle SchoolB11Northeast RegionalUSD 383 - Manhattan/OgdenPublic
El Dorado High SchoolC11Wichita RegionalUSD 490Public
Ell-Saline High SchoolC1 Hays RegionalEll-SalinePublic
Eudora High SchoolC11Northeast RegionalEudora Schools USD 491Public
Eudora Middle SchoolB11Northeast RegionalEudora Schools USD 491Public
Forest Spring Middle SchoolB11Northeast RegionalSpring Hill School District #230Public
Goodland High SchoolC11Hays RegionalUSD 352Public
Hays High SchoolC11Hays RegionalUSD 489Public
Hiawatha Middle SchoolB11Northeast RegionalHiawatha Schools USD 415Public
Hill City High SchoolC11Hays RegionalUSD 281Public
Hill City Jr. HighB11Hays Regional281Public
Indian Trail Middle SchoolB11Northeast RegionalOlathe USD 233Public  
Kapaun Mt. Carmel HSC11Wichita RegionalCatholic Diocese of WichitaPrivate
Lakewood MiddleB11Northeast RegionalBlue ValleyPublic
Lawrence Free State High SchoolC11Northeast RegionalUSD 497Public
Lawrence High SchoolC11Northeast RegionalUSD 497 - Lawrence Public SchoolsPublic
Leawood Middle SchoolB11Northeast RegionalBlue Valley School DistrictPublic
Lexington Trails Middle SchoolB1 Northeast RegionalUSD 232Public
Maize Middle SchoolB11Wichita RegionalMaize USD 266Public
Maize South High SchoolC11Wichita RegionalUSD 266Public
Maize South Middle SchoolB22Wichita RegionalMaize USD 266Public
Manhattan HSC22Northeast RegionalUSD 383Public
McPherson High SchoolC11Wichita RegionalUSD#418Public
Mill Creek Middle SchoolB11Northeast RegionalUSD 232 - DeSotoPublic  
Mill Valley High SchoolC11Northeast RegionalUSD 232Public  
Minneapolis High SchoolC11Hays RegionalNorth Ottawa CountyPublic
Minneapolis Jr Sr High SchoolB11Hays RegionalUSD 239 North Ottawa CountyPublic
Monticello Trails Middle SchoolB11Northeast RegionalDeSoto USD 232Public
Nemaha Central High SchoolC11Wichita Regional115Public
Northwest IndependentC11Northeast RegionalBlue ValleyPublic
Olathe East High SchoolC1 Northeast RegionalUSD 233Public
Olathe North High SchoolC11Northeast RegionalOlathe USD 233Public
Olathe NorthwestC11Northeast RegionalOlathe SchoolsPublic
Olathe South High SchoolC11Northeast RegionalUSD 233Public
Olathe West High SchoolC11Northeast RegionalUSD 233Public
Oregon Trail Middle SchoolB11Northeast RegionalUSD 233Public
Ottawa Sr High SchoolC11Northeast RegionalUSD 290Public
Overland Trail Middle SchoolB11Northeast RegionalBlue Valley School DistrictPublic
Palco High SchoolC11Hays RegionalUSD 269Public
Palco Junior HighB11Hays RegionalPalco USD 269Public
Pioneer Trail Middle SchoolB11Northeast RegionalUSD 233 OlathePublic
Pleasant Ridge Middle SchoolB22Northeast RegionalBlue Valley School District USD 229Public  
Prairie Trail Middle SchoolB11Northeast RegionalOlathe District Schools USD 233Public
Pratt Sr HighC11Wichita RegionalUSD382 PrattPublic
Sacred Heart Jr-Sr HighC11Hays RegionalSalina DiocesePrivate
Santa Fe Trail Middle SchoolB11Northeast RegionalOlathe Schoold District #233Public
Shawnee Mission South High SchoolC11Northeast RegionalShawnee Mission School DistrictPublic
Skyline High SchoolC11Hays RegionalUSD 438 Skyline SchoolsPublic
Smoky Valley Middle SchoolB11Hays RegionalSmoky Valley USD 400Public
Spring Hill Middle SchoolB11Northeast RegionalSpring Hill School DistrictPublic
St. James AcademyC11Northeast RegionalArchdiocese of Kansas City in KansasPrivate
St. Peter Catholic SchoolB11Wichita RegionalDiocese of WichitaPrivate
St. Thomas AquinasB22Wichita RegionalCatholic Diocese of WichitaPrivate
Summit Trail Middle SchoolB11Northeast RegionalOlathe School DistrictPublic
Susan B. Anthony Middle SchoolB11Wichita RegionalUSD 383Public
Sylvan-Lucas Unified High SchoolC1 Hays RegionalSylvan-Lucas UnifiedPublic
The Independent SchoolB11Wichita RegionalPrivatePrivate
Thomas More Prep-MarianB11Hays RegionalDiocese of SalinaPrivate
Thomas More Prep-MarianC11Hays RegionalDiocese of SalinaPrivate
Tonganoxie High SchoolC11Northeast RegionalTonganoxie USD 464Public
Tonganoxie Middle SchoolB11Northeast RegionalUSD 464Public
Trinity Academy High SchoolC11Wichita RegionalPrivate SchoolPrivate
Uniontown High SchoolB11Wichita RegionalUniontown USD 235Public  
Uniontown High SchoolC21Wichita RegionalUniontown USD 235Public  
Wamego High SchoolC1 Northeast RegionalUSD 320Public
Washburn Rural High SchoolC11Northeast RegionalAuburn-Washburn USD 437Public
Wichita East High SchoolC22Wichita RegionalUSD 259Public
Wichita Heights High SchoolC11Wichita RegionalUSD 259 - Wichita Public SchoolsPublic
Wichita Northwest High SchoolC11Wichita RegionalUSD 259 Wichita Public SchoolsPublic
Wilbur Middle SchoolB22Wichita RegionalWichita Public Schools USD259Public  
Woodland Spring Middle SchoolB11Northeast RegionalSpring Hill USD 230Public
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