Science Olympiad

This is the 9th year of the Iolani Invitational, which was the first-ever Invitational tournament in Hawaii.  As always, it is scheduled for the Saturday of Thanksgiving: 28 November 2020. This year it is offered for Division C only, and will be run in MiniSO format.

Upcoming Dates

10/16/2020 Registration Opens!

10/27/2020 Schools outside of Hawaii invited to register a second team

11/14 Registration closes

11/20 Registration fee, competition permission forms, and student rosters are due.

11/21 (Event Supervisors) Exams+answers due

11/28-11/29 Competition Day !

12/04 (Event Supervisors) Graded exams/Scoresheets due

12/05 Awards Announced


Certificates will be emailed out this week! 

Here are the
Tournament Results

Events will have an open start time of 11/28 8AM and end time of 11/29 5PM to accomodate all time zones. Please stick to the test-taking window for your time zone!

Tournament will be asynchronous. Students can take exams any time between:

      (HST) 11/28 8AM - 11/29 12PM
      (PST) 11/28 10AM - 11/29 2PM
      (MST) 11/28 11AM - 11/29 3PM
      (CST) 11/28 12PM - 11/29 4PM
      (EST) 11/28 1PM -11/29 5PM

Don't use Safari or smartphones to take tests!!

To keep things fair and for social distancing, we ask that event partners NOT meet in person to take their tests. Any other form of communication (FaceTime, Zoom, Messenger, text, etc.) is fine! 

Common Scilympiad Issues/Resolution
 for students/coaches can be found here.

Scilympiad Tips for Event Supervisors can be found here.

Tournament Information
can be found here.

Event Supervisor information/step-by-step guide can be found here.

Updated (11/18)
instructions for Digital Structures can be found here.

*The SkyCiv free account will not work for this event. Schools will

need to purchase a license for the SkyCiv Science Olympiad app for $50, which will

provide access for 2-4 students for 8 months.


This event will use the Scilympiad platform for the students to

receive the structure parameters and the SkyCiv event ID to report test results in

SkyCiv. Teams will also input their Estimate Load Supported in Scilympiad. Teams can

compete in this event anytime between 8:00 am, Nov 28 to 12:00 pm Nov 29 (HI time)

We will be using State-level rules.

Students can now take tests online.

Take Test using Login ID

Tournament Day!

AWARDS CEREMONY will be streamed here this Saturday 12/05 10AM HST/ 12PM PST/ 1PM MST/ 2PM CST/ 3PM EST

All tests have been closed (11/30 11PM EST)

Happy Tournament Day! Good luck and have fun :)


Please use LoginID to sign in to take tests instead of email.

**If you do use email: the site will automatically log you out after 40 min of inactivity - please log in and log out after each event to prevent issues with saving/submitting tests.

If you had issues saving/submitting your test, please fill out this google form to help us troubleshoot!

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