4th Annual Marquette University High School Invitational
March 20, 2021

The goal of this tournament is to get as many students safely involved in Science Olympiad as possible.

  • A mini and a satellite meet will be hosted on the same day so schools can participate at the level that is practical for their team.
    • If a team needs to change their registration from mini to satellite they will be able to do so.
  • All of the Wisconsin Trial Events will be offered. 
    • So that competition is fair for teams from other states the lowest scores in 5 events will be dropped.  
    • Teams will be able to select a schedule that works for their team.  This will mean that tests are open from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM CST. 
    • This will mean that if competitors have questions about an event, these questions will need to sent to the slack or brought to the zoom call. 
    • On the day of the event there will be a slack channel and zoom call open for questions.    
  • Note on awards: This meet will have 4 sets of awards.  One for each division and one for satellite and mini within the division. 
       Link to W9 for MUHS


  • Note that schedules have been removed so that teams can set a time schedule that works best for their team.
  • Parameters for satellite events will be sent to coaches on the weekend of 3/5.
  • Distances and other key information will be shared with coaches on the evening of 3/13.
Testing Window for Build events will be 3/14-3/20.