Some tournaments allow schools to register up to # of teams, the limit under 1st Round Max Teams per School during the first # of teams under 1st Round Max Teams. Then after that, schools can register up to # teams, the limit under Max Teams per School for a total of # teams under Max Teams.

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1st Round Max Teams Per School 
1st Round Max Teams 
Max Teams Per School 
Max Teams 
Tournament Date 
EventsLos Angeles - NorthregionalBLos Angeles - North1015010150Feb 13, 2021online
EventsLos Angeles - NorthregionalCLos Angeles - North1015010150Feb 13, 2021online
EventsInland EmpireregionalBInland Empire31503150Feb 27, 2021online
EventsInland EmpireregionalCInland Empire31503150Feb 27, 2021online
EventsLos Angeles - SouthregionalBLos Angeles - South1015010150Feb 27, 2021online
EventsLos Angeles - SouthregionalCLos Angeles - South1015010150Feb 27, 2021online
EventsOrange CountyregionalBOrange County1015010150Feb 27, 2021online
EventsOrange CountyregionalCOrange County1015010150Feb 27, 2021online
EventsSanta BarbararegionalBSanta Barbara1015010150Feb 27, 2021online
EventsSanta BarbararegionalCSanta Barbara1015010150Feb 27, 2021online
EventsSoCal StatestateB 160160Apr 03, 2021online
EventsSoCal StatestateC 160160Apr 03, 2021online