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We are the UGA's Science Olympiad Outreach chapter and we are hosting our in-person invitational this November alongside an online tournament run by UNG. Registration is set for Monday, September 25th for both tournaments; However when testing the platform, if a coach signs up for one tournament, they also show up as signed up for the other. Deleting that team from one tournament also deletes the other despite everything looking like it's set up correctly. Any advice that will help fix this issue is sincerely appreciated. We are aware that the directors checklist says we're not allowed to have more than one tournament set up for a given division. Should we ask UNG to set up their own platform (or set it up for them) or ask coaches who plan to do the online version to set their teams to a different division for the sake of the platform? Once again, any advice would be appreciated!


Science Olympiad Outreach @ UGA Executive Board

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Responded by Angela Merkel 09/25/23
Currently Scilympiad doesn't support more than one tournament per division. This has caused lot of confusion in the past. One quick workaround is to subscribe for another website.
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