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Registration Form

NJ Science Olympiad Registration Procedures
Adopted January 6, 2021

The Steering Committee of the NJ Science Olympiad (“NJSO”) has adopted the following registrations procedures for the 2021 Virtual State Finals Tournament. These procedures are specific to our unique 2021 program offering. Please CAREFULLY read the procedures below, which supersede all past registration procedures. If you have any questions, please contact

  1. The registration period for the 2021 NJSO Virtual State Finals Tournament will open on Wednesday January 6, 2021 at 8:00 PM EST and will close on Friday February 19, 2021 at 6:00 PM EST. Registration requests outside of this window will not be accepted for any reason.
  2. The registration process has two steps: (1) online registration, and (2) guarantee of payment. Teams which fail to complete BOTH steps of the registration process, as outlined below, prior to the start of the tournament will not be registered and will be ineligible to compete in the 2021 Virtual State Finals Tournament. If payment, or guarantee of payment, has not been received by NJSO prior to the tournament, the school will not be permitted to compete. There will be no exceptions to this policy. 
  3. Step 1: Online Registration:
    1. To register, each head coach must go the NJSO website and follow the links to the online registration form. The registration form will require the coach to acknowledge having read and understood these registration procedures as a prerequisite for submitting the registration.
    2. If there are any problems with your registration information, NJSO will contact the head coach via e-mail to clarify any required information.
    3. Within a few days of completion of the online registration, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the head coach to confirm registration along with an invoice for the registration fee.

Registration is not completed until guarantee of payment is received as indicated below

  1. Step 2: Guarantee of Payment
    1. Once the online registration form has been submitted, it is the responsibility of the team’s head coach to ensure that payment or guarantee of payment is received by NJSO by Friday April 2, 2021. Schools which fail to meet this deadline will be removed from the competition. All payments or guarantees of payment must be mailed to:

New Jersey Science Olympiad
PO Box 5387
North Branch, NJ 08876-1304

All payments must be made payable to New Jersey Science Olympiad

    1. Due to the unique nature of the 2021 competition, the registration fee has been temporarily reduced to $125.00 for a school’s team in each division. The registration fee for 2022 will return to $250.00 per team. Please plan accordingly for future seasons.
    2. NJSO accepts the following as guarantee of payment: Check, money order, or purchase order.
    3. A returned check will result in a removal from the registration system for this year and a fee of $20.00 per check that must be paid by June 30, 2021 if the school wishes to register for NJSO in a subsequent season.
    4. Science Olympiad no longer provides printed rule books. You may download the rules for free from National Science Olympiad at
    5. It is the head coach’s responsibility to determine what is needed by the school/district office to ensure payment or guarantee of payment is received by the deadline. No team will be excused from the deadline to guarantee of payment because of delays in the processing by school/district offices.
    6. Some school districts and accounting offices required a NJ Business Registration Certificate and/or a W-9 form filled out by NJSO. NJSO is providing both of those forms here:
      NJ Business Registration Certificate
      W-9 Form
      It is the head coach's responsibility to determine whether their school requires such documentation and to ensure that the district accounting office receives these documents in a timely manner. Requests to NJSO for this documentation will be forwarded this link, so coaches should download these documents as a time saving precaution.
    7. NJSO will send weekly e-mail reminders to all head coaches of teams for which guarantee of payment has not been received starting on Monday March 1, 2021.
    8. Refunds will not be issued for any reason not specifically specified in these procedures.
  1. Due to the unique conditions of 2021, no in-person events will be hosted by NJSO. No regional tournaments will be held. All participating schools will advance directly to the 2021 NJSO Virtual State Finals Tournament.
  2. Events to be held at the tournament, and the schedule of events, will be posted on or about February 1, 2021.
  3. Registration status of all teams will be posted to this web site so you may monitor the status of your registration.
  4. For schools participating in Science Olympiad Invitational Tournament: We are required to collect an additional $60 National Science Olympiad registration fee for schools who will be taking more than one team to any specific Invitational Tournament. This fee is for the National Science Olympiad membership fee for your additional team(s) and is not retained by New Jersey Science Olympiad. Schools attending invitation tournaments with a single team are not subject to this fee. All schools competing at invitational tournaments are required to compete with New Jersey as well.

Please visit our website ( for more information.

Questions? Contact:

Michael Del Corso - NJSO Registrar