[Tournament Update] 1/12/21: Competitor Guide and Practice Tournament

Hi Coaches,

From now on, we will post our announcements on "Tournament Updates" page in addition to sending an email to coaches so that the competitors can also view the announcement via Scilympiad as well.

We look forward to seeing you in less than two weeks! Our competitor guide, which contains all of the info students will need for our tournament, can be found here. Please share this with your students! Here is also a Head Coach Reference Guide provided by Scilympiad.

We’re also opening Scilympiad for a practice tournament. This is completely optional, but if your students haven’t used Scilympiad before, we strongly recommend using this opportunity to become familiar with the testing system. It will be open from 1/12 until 9pm ET on Wednesday, 1/20. Please follow the instructions below to participate in the practice tournament.


  1. On Scilympiad, go to the Head Coach Dashboard -> Student/Team/Event Assignment.

  2. Make sure you see ‘MIT Practice Invite’ here. 

  3. You can click on the shuffle symbol to switch tournaments if necessary. Make sure you are on the correct tournament whenever making changes. We recommend that you switch back to the real tournament right after performing these steps so you do not forget.

  1. Assign students to teams.

  2. Assign students to events.

  3. Share login IDs (same as the real tournament) with any students who don’t plan to use their email to login for test-taking.


  1. Read the competitor guide for instructions on how to take tests.

  2. Log into Scilympiad and select “MIT Practice Invite.”

  3. Practice taking your test with your teammates!


MIT Science Olympiad