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Note: * Teams with fractional values in parenthesis are teams with ties. Ties were broken by highest counts of 1st places, then 2nd,..., 7th places. First team in the tie does not have tie breaking value.
School/TeamPlaceTotalAnatomy & PhysiologyAstronomyBoomilever *Chem LabCircuit LabCodebustersDesigner GenesDetector BuildingDisease Detectives Dynamic Planet Experimental DesignForensicsFossilsGeoLogic MappingGravity Vehicle *MachinesOrnithologyPing-Pong Parachute *Protein ModelingSounds of MusicWater QualityWright Stuff *Write It Do It-DoerWrite It Do It *
Munster High School, Munster High School Black16543295164531182229113291312911
Munster High School, Munster High School Red27121291212625941129552921229191
Bloomington High School North, BHSN- Maroon38616849234124161661735531261
Bloomington High School North, BHSN- Gold412658117886315352341146749582129
Lake Central High School, Lake Central Team 15154145161541214742510636104361129141
Northridge High School, Northridge61597164133381676181631121216845101
Whiting High School, Whiting Green 7177993111355161715334138192211291111
East Noble High School, ENHS SO821610131310121120942212118871313691612331
Mt. Vernon High School, Mt. Vernon92322117292057148121113131272910202915157951
Lake Central High School, Lake Central Team 210234841017101018131017861117491412291313771
Manchester Jr/Sr High School, MJSHS112361518216201313198137713991489101166161
McCutcheon High School, McCutcheon12247191229317191115189202071129311291810161181
Crown Point High School, CPHS-Red1325016142912715191013191895292741112121429151
Bloomington High School South, Bloomington South Panther142721210292916912916611102910292912982982991
Whiting High School, Whiting White1529618225156167122182116141410172251617214131
North Judson San Pierre Jr/Sr High School, NJSP High School162973202991918221891222179529309291329292941
Mississinewa High School, Mississinewa High School1730320197141823917191615122015121516814141512121
Bishop Noll Institute, BNI18321227291814211625201021182029182129291819102229
Rensselaer Central High School, RCHS193311121282912292914102914152929215297292929181
Fishers High School, FHS203422315292414157292919291718292929292941029201
Columbia City High School, CCHS213456226192929171111141415222129291829172920221
Frankfort High School, FHS SO2236924212921212021202018161921192916192919191829171
Northridge High School, Northridge B2337717119291117292929211729191258171029717292929
Portage High School, PHS SO24495132229292922102922292929292929292929292929292929
Bloomington High School South, Bloomington South Purple25551292929292929292929292929292929292929292929292929
Crown Point High School, CPHS-White25551292929292929292929292929292929292929292929292929
LaPorte High School, LPHS25551292929292929292929292929292929292929292929292929
Marian High School, Marian25551292929292929292929292929292929292929292929292929
Total Teams: 28

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