Upcoming Dates

Registration is closed.

Dec. 1 Registration fees need to be postmarked.
Jan. 24 Tests are due.
Jan 30 Tournament

The Scilympiad system
The Scilympiad system allows students to each be in their own home working on and looking at a synchronized test.

Each student is allowed a complete set of resources. (Both students in Ornithology may have their own binder and book.)
We will run our usual 6 blocks from 9 – 3 EST and students need to take their tests then.
The lab events are dry-labbed.
The building events are cancelled or modified.






Student Info

1. Students need to know their tournament ID to be able to sign in to take their test.
2. Students need to set their computer clock to the correct time and time zone.
3. Do not use FireFox. Use Chrome or Edge.
4. Students need to turn on the chat function with their partner to synchronize the test.
5. Students must use the exact first and last name their coach signed them up with. 

Students can now take tests online.

Take Test using Login ID