Science Olympiad honors the hard work and dedication of students in the individual events by awarding Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals to the top three teams of students in individual events. Regardless of how the team performs as a whole, individual teams of students can take home medals.

By accumulating points across all events, we recognize the top three teams. The top three teams in each regional and state will receive a trophy, coach plaque of recognition, and each student will receive a medal matching the overall ranking (i.e. each student on the 1st Place overall will receive a gold medal, 2nd Place, a silver, 3rd Place, bronze.)

In addition, at the state tournament and larger regionals additional teams may be recognized by nature of their accomplishments. At state, the 4th - 6th place teams will be recognized with a team trophy and medals for each student.

Some regionals may choose to give a Spirit Awards. One such award may be based on the top non-trophied team that does not have any no-shows in all the events. This encourages all teams to participate in all events and honors their accomplishments.

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