PASO Device Testing Policy for 2020-2021 

PASO Constructed Device Policy

Team Waiver Status

The updated “Constructed Device Policy” allows teams to use devices that were constructed for use in the 2019-2020 season even if the builders have graduated or moved on. The new “Device Testing Policy For All Tournaments Approved By PASO in 2020 and 2021” requires that all devices be tested at school under the supervision of a coach. Boomilever, Mission Possible, and Mousetrap Vehicle are mandated to be scored as trial events. Any team wishing to participate in these events must have a school administrator submit the Satellite Science Olympiad Acknowledgement Form (linked below). Please review these policies. 

PASO requires coaches, parents, and administrators to complete the following acknowledgement forms.

Coach’s Acknowledgement Form - to be completed by the head coach of any school participating in a PASO affiliated tournament.

Satellite SO Acknowledgement Form - to be completed by a school administrator if your team is participating in Boomilever, Mission Possible, Gravity Vehicle, and/or Mousetrap Vehicle. If your school is not participating in those events, this form is not required. Ping Pong Parachute and Wright Stuff are not offered in PASO affiliated tournaments this year. 

Parent/Guardian Acknowledgement Form - Coaches of any team participating in a PASO affiliated tournament must use the link at the end of this paragraph to create a copy of the Parent/Guardian Acknowledgement Form. You will send the link to your copy of the form to the parents of your participants. You are responsible for the collection and maintenance of the Parent/Guardian Acknowledgement for your own team. PASO asks that you keep these records until June, 2021. Click here to get a copy of the form. 

Scilympiad Parent Waiver and the Principal Certification are not in use for this tournament. 

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