Suggested Donation

Taking part in the Science Olympiad competitions requires teams to pay for membership, registration, competition day expenses, event materials etc. Also build events could cost extra, depending on the materials being used. To meet with all these expenses, we request all participants to donate $100 to the program. 

BHMS SO operates entirely on funds generated from fees paid by participants, year to year. There are no carry over of funds from one academic year to the next. We also do not host fund raisers or request for any additional donations.

We follow a strict "no student left out" policy. This is especially true for students in need of financial assistance. We extend our sincere thanks to generous parents who are able to offer financial support to additional students, who may need them. Parents who offer financial sponsorship for students would be eligible for additional discounts. 

All interested students needing financial assistance and parents interested in sponsoring should email 

Other Donations

Thank you for your generosity. The BHMS SO is one of the many programs supported by BHMS PTSA.

F‍or cash donations, please make checks payable to "BHMS PTSA" and print "Science Olympiad" on the memo line of the check. Checks can be handed in the BHMS office.

W‍e also accept gift cards that can be used as awards and prizes for our high achieving students and coaches. These gift cards can also be turned in at the BHMS office. Please enclose your gift card donations in an envelope and print on the envelope, "BHMS Science Olympiad", before turning in at the office.

F‍or all enquiries, email with Subject line "SO Donation"

‍Note : Gift cards are not in lieu of the basic suggested donation amount of $100.