Some tournaments allow schools to register up to # of teams, the limit under 1st Round Max Teams per School during the first # of teams under 1st Round Max Teams. Then after that, schools can register up to # teams, the limit under Max Teams per School for a total of # teams under Max Teams. If Max Waitlist is not 0, teams can be placed on waitlist chronologically up to Max Waitlist.

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1st Round Max Teams Per School 
1st Round Max Teams 
Max Teams Per School 
Max Teams 
Max Waitlist 
Tournament Date 
EventsJefferson County - BinvitationalB 001200Jan 29, 2022 
EventsJefferson County - CinvitationalC 001200Jan 29, 2022 
EventsAMSTI-North Alabama RegionalregionalBAMSTI-North Alabama Regional002150Feb 05, 2022Athens State University
EventsAMSTI-North Alabama RegionalregionalCAMSTI-North Alabama Regional002100Feb 05, 2022Athens State University
EventsAMSTI-South Alabama RegionalregionalBAMSTI-Regional002150Feb 12, 2022W.S. Neal Middle School
EventsAMSTI-South Alabama RegionalregionalCAMSTI-Regional002150Feb 12, 2022W.S. Neal Middle School
EventsJacksonville Regional ESOregionalAAJacksonville Regional 002200Feb 19, 2022Jacksonville High School
EventsUAB - BregionalBUniversity of Alabama at Birmingham001250Feb 26, 2022University of Alabama at Birmingham
EventsUAB - CregionalCUniversity of Alabama at Birmingham001250Feb 26, 2022University of Alabama at Birmingham
EventsWiregrass Area Elementary Science OlympiadregionalAAWiregrass442150Feb 26, 2022Carver
EventsJefferson County-AAinvitationalAA 001300Mar 05, 2022 
EventsUniversity of Alabama - BregionalBUniversity of Alabama004205Mar 05, 2022University of Alabama
EventsUniversity of Alabama - CregionalCUniversity of Alabama004255Mar 05, 2022University of Alabama
EventsState Science OlympiadstateB 00210000Mar 26, 2022 
EventsState Science OlympiadstateC 00210000Mar 26, 2022 
EventsAuburn University ESOregionalAAAuburn University Elementary23543515Apr 30, 2022Auburn University