Optics Laser Shoot - Div B - Mirror Covers

Hi,  At a recent 2024 invitational, the barrier mirrors were covered in such a way that it was not possible to see the base of each mirror.  Because one could not see the base of each mirror, it was not possible to accurately align each mirror leading inevitably to error getting the angle right with each mirror.  Our interpretation of the rules is that all mirrors should be covered to prevent seeing images using the mirrors during setup, but we believe those covers need to NOT obstruct being able to measure whether the base of the reflective surface of each mirror is accurately oriented.  We practice using a post-it note paper which fully covers the reflective surface but still enables the base of the mirror to be seen.  We note that several Youtube videos also show post-it notes used as mirror covers.  We believe the Laser Shoot should be a test of whether the students can quickly determine the positions and angles for the five movable mirrors, that this is already a challenging exercise in only 4min, and that this challenging test should not be made more difficult because the mirror covers make it difficult to implement the kid's calculations.  We seek a rule clarification: do the mirror covers need to be implemented in such a way that the line made by the mirror with the horizontal flat surface is visible, or are the mirror covers allowed to 100% cover the mirror preventing one from seeing the line made by the intersection of the mirror surface with the laser shoot horizontal flat surface?  Thank you.

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