Science Olympiad Scoring Guidelines

Event points will be assigned up to the number of registered schools (N) per division or the number of competing teams if less than the number of registered schools.

The team with the lowest overall points ranks 1st. School's placement is based on the best performing team within that school. Trophy will be awarded to the top 3 performing schools. Individual awards will be given to the top 5 teams in each event.

Ties are broken as follows:

Event Level:

Every effort will be made to break all ties (except P/NS/DQ as explained below). In the event that a tie cannot be broken, the tied teams will receive the same place (e.g., if two teams were tied for 3rd place, the next team will be placed 5th).

Team Level:
If a tie occurs at the team level, then the following method will be used to break ties: number of 1st place medals earned by the individual teams, if that doesn't break the tie then the number of 2nd place medals will be used, then the number of 3rd place medals and so on until no ties exist in order to establish the placement for the top 3 schools.

Scoring System:
1st place = 1 point
2nd place = 2 points
3rd place = 3 points
Up to Nth place. (N is the number of registered schools - no more ranking after N)
Participating (P) = N
No Show (NS) defines as did not participate in that event = N + 1
Disqualified (DQ) = N + 2


The scoring system for 30 Division B registered schools:
N = 30
Participating (P) = 30
No Show (NS) = 30 + 1 = 31
Disqualified (DQ) = 30 + 2 = 32
Team A did not compete in Anatomy; therefore, Team A receives 31 points for Anatomy. If we do not assign points to every team in every event, it would be favorable to the team that did not compete in a particular event.
Team A disqualifies in Towers for device violation; therefore, Team A receives 32 points.

If there are only 21 teams competing in Dynamic Planet then N = 21, instead of the number of registered schools.

Division B Review Period

Preliminary results (point system only, no raw scores) will be posted on the Head Coach Dashboard after the event. Only head coaches may submit inquiries. If changes occur, the appropriate medals and trophies will be awarded. Teams will not be asked to return awards. Inquiries submitted after the specified deadline will not be answered.

Final Score Report
Places and scores announced at the Awards Ceremony are preliminary. Scores are preliminary until the review period has passed and the scores and places are classified as "Final" on the Score Report. Final Score Report contains point system only, no raw scores.