Tournament Results

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Note: * Teams with fractional values in parenthesis are teams with ties. Ties were broken by highest counts of 1st places, then 2nd,..., 7th places. First team in the tie does not have tie breaking value.
School/TeamPlaceTotalAnatomyBoomileverCircuit LabCrime BustersDensity LabDisease DetectivesDynamic PlanetElastic Launched GlidersExperimental DesignFood ScienceFossilsGame OnHeredityMachinesMeteorologyMission PossibleMousetrap VehicleOrnithologyPing Pong ParachuteReach for the StarsRoad ScholarWater QualityWrite It Do It
Hopkins Jr High, HJH SO111362235241913335711105564151
Miller, Miller Black212712742315194242311768147519
Kennedy, Kennedy B3145212968521971529473214122266
Miller, Miller Gold414979342481919139295103259916
Thornton Junior High, Thornton Blue519910619776191921511621919161433212
Chaboya, C SO620131319101531958107118137129398315
Kennedy, Kennedy C7202581951111191078181031533811641017
Lawson MS, Lawson Maroon820514191415919812711212121213211013135
Warm Springs Elementary, WSE Sapphire9218410101193111911491217414426816121210
Kennedy, Kennedy A102251119719612101936616139416155111188
Fred E Weibel Elementary, Weibel 112518111191376191410194191969477191947
Thomas Russell, Russell1225513116121187199141185516111114161316154
Thornton Junior High, Thornton Yellow1326693191919141919651915613111971198772
Warm Springs Elementary, WSE Jade142951514510141013191211131314148191813101261913
Challenger Berryessa, CB SO1532519198191919121919191910815519191213110193
Lawson MS, Lawson Aqua1634219151981213191915131217161619819101514141119
Warm Springs Elementary, WSE Ruby173551919121919914191919146151910199191917151411
Lawson MS, Lawson Green18388145191919191919191919141210191919191915191914
Total Teams: 18