Coaching Requirements

Volunteer as a Coach

Thank you for your interest in coaching our BMMS Science Olympians! Our coaching team consists of parent volunteers and high school students. There is no special education required. Our adult coaches are excited to offer this opportunity to our students, and interested in learning more about these subjects themselves. As former BMMS Science Olympians, our high school student coaches are interested in sharing their acquired knowledge and skills with current BMMS students. They’re also inspired to give back to their former school. These student coaches bring with them a unique perspective because of their prior Science Olympiad experiences. We encourage our former BMMS SO students to join our SO coaching team.

Please note the following coaching requirements:


Most supplies are already available such as lab coats, goggles, basic calculators, etc. Reasonable supplies will be covered by BMMS SO; however, BMMS SO will not cover special items. For budgeting purposes, please discuss with Head Coach prior to making a purchase. 

For reimbursement, please submit the Request for Reimbursement Form and receipts (please retain copies for your records) and turn in to the office in an enclosed envelope marked “BMMS SO” or email SO Team at The processing turnaround time is approximately 2 weeks and checks are mailed to your home.

Please join our BMMS SO Coaching team by contacting the Head Coach at for volunteer opportunities.