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This is my first time being the head coach for Science Olympiad, and my first experience with Science Olympiad.  I have a team of 19 elementary students who have all been working SO HARD on their events.  In trying to place them all in their events for the team, I am unable to put four of my students into the team.  The rule book said that a team can have 20 kids on it, and now I am seeing that it can only have 15.  Can I make a second team and divide the kids up?

Please HELP!  I can't break these kids hearts.  They have been working SOOOOO hard.

Lindsay Pomerantz

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Responded by Thuan Duong 03/01/22

Hi Lindsay,

Which tournament is this for? Technically you can split students into multiple teams, however, it depends on the tournament if it allows multiple teams. You can check with the tournament organizers by clicking on

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